Zeeroq.com Data Breach: What Is It? Check Details Of Leak Here!

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To learn more about Zeeroq.com Data Breach and Data Leak, we recommend you read this Post.

Are you looking for details about zeeroq.com? What type of data has been leaked from this website? 

Zeeroq’s news of a data breach has made the website extremely well-known in Canada and the United States. People want to know if the website is legitimate. It is essential to your online security because it has a high chance of being a scam designed to trick users.

If you want to know the legitimacy of this website, then please read our Post on Zeeroq.com Data Breach.

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What is Zeeroq.com Data Breach?

Cybersecurity have discovered a massive data breach. The enormous breach includes records from thousands of leaks and breaches; billions of exposed records were found on an open instance.

The leaked dataset was primarily from previous data breaches; it probably contained previously undiscovered new data. Researchers found a staggering 26 billion records across 3,800 folders, each representing a separate breach. 

Hackers could use this dataset for a variety of malicious purposes, such as identity theft, the creation of sophisticated phishing schemes, targeted cyberattacks, and unauthorized access to private and sensitive accounts.

Zeeroq.com What Is It: Specifications

Before visiting, it is essential to confirm that Zeeroq is an authentic website. We will tell you whether Zeeroq is a trustworthy website in this part. Keep reading to learn more about whether Zeeroq is a legitimate website.

  • Website URL – http://ww12.zeeroq.com/
  • Domain Creation Date – March 9th 2008, fifteen years and ten months from now.
  • Trust Ranking – Zeeroq.com receives a medium-authoritative score of 62.90 from the Scam Detector algorithm. This rating indicates that the company can be categorized as Small Risk, Standard, and Active.
  • HTTP ConnectionZeeroq Data Leak appears unsafe since it lacks an HTTPS server.
  • Email Address:- abuse@godaddy.com
  • Website Type – They Offer a Tourism Guide and Packages for Tourists.
  • Address of the Company – Not precisely, but it is in the United States of America.

Scam or Legit

Internet users have expressed fear over the breach, with some claiming that passwords were compromised. It is essential to confirm the website’s legitimacy before using it. Proceed with caution and stay alert. Online reports regarding the Zeeroq website data leak were insufficient due to the website’s unclear nature.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Zeeroq.com What Is It Website?

The Pros of Using Zeeroq.com

  • This website has been active for a very long time.
  • It displays several excellent tourist destinations with tour packages.
  • Information regarding the host and the operational location’s address is accessible.

The Cons of Using Zeeroq.com

  • The connection to this website is not secure because it lacks a valid SSL certificate; 
  • security engines have blocked it due to misleading conduct; 
  • it is not widely known; therefore, be cautious while visiting it as it may not be safe or reliable.

Zeeroq Data Leak : Zeeroq Reviews  

This site has a low Trust ranking, which indicates that it is not as popular as other websites in its country. This ranking may be average for smaller or newer websites but may raise red flags for a more established website. 

The domain name has been registered for several years, which generally adds trustworthiness. However, scammers can take over older websites, so watching for additional signs of fraud is essential. The website does have an SSL certificate, which encrypts data between your browser and the website.

Zeeroq.com What Is It?

Online reports provided information about the data breach on the Zeeroq website, which is self-explanatory but offers options for online payments and resorts. Some users have reported finding compromised passwords, but details about the breach are still limited. As more information becomes available, we will update this post. Please ensure that the website is authentic before moving further.


We have investigated the Zeeroq.com Data Breach and the legitimacy of the Zeeroq website. Zeeroq is a sixteen-year-old website with a medium trust score, but it appears unreliable due to the lack of reviews. Because of these doubts, users must exercise caution when using Zeeroq.

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