Satyajit Ray Birthday Special – The Cinema World Celebrates the 104th Birth Anniversary of Acclaimed Director and Filmmaker.

Satyajit Ray Birthday Special is specially aired by an OTT platform in honor of the legend from 22 April 2024 to 06 May 2024, showcasing his best works.

The director of one of the most acclaimed movies Charulata, Pather Panchali, has earned global recognition. Satyajit Ray has had a remarkable career; he was also honored with the Oscar award for his productions.

In remembrance of the esteemed director, Google is celebrating Satyajit Ray Birthday Special across countries like Bangladesh and India. He is popular as the finest filmmaker who had a longstanding career in the entertainment industry.

This article has compiled all necessary information about Satyajit Ray and his contribution through his movies. Continue to read the following paragraphs.

Satyajit Ray Birthday Special – Who is Satyajit Ray?

About Satyajit Ray Birthday Special

Satyajit Ray is one of the famous directors and screenwriters who holds a special place in the entertainment industry. Besides, he is also an author, documentary filmmaker, lyricist, calligrapher, magazine editor, essayist, and composer.

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Ray is globally ranked as an influential director and holds a special place in cinema history. Some of the acclaimed Satyajit Ray Picture include:

  • The Music Room – 1958
  • The Apu Trilogy – 1955 to 1959
  • Charulata – 1964
  • The Big City – 1963
  • The Goopy-Bagha Trilogy

In the below sections, we have elaborated more about Satyajit Ray Family Tree, his career journey, and more.

What is Satyajit Ray Family Tree?

What is Satyajit Ray Family Tree

Ray has a rich lineage that traces back at least ten generations. According to research, the director belongs to Bengali Kayasthas. The family is the original worshippers of Vishu and hence gets the name Vaishnavas.

Unlike other Kayasthas who followed Shakti worship, the Ray family were followers of Vaishnavas. Below is a quick coverage of the Satyajit Ray Family Tree:

  • The earliest ancestor of the Ray clan was born in the sixteenth century, named Ramsunder Deo alias Deb.
  • Ramsunder Deb was the son-in-law of the Jashodal ruler and received the jagir of the place, which is situated in present-day Bangladesh.
  • His further descendants migrated to Kishoreganj during the first half of the eighteenth century.
  • Upendrakishore Ray, Satyajit’s grandfather, was born in Kishorhanj. His elder brother Saradaranjan Ray pioneered Indian cricket. He was anointed the title of W.G. Grace of India.
  • Upendrakishore Ray was also a publisher, illustrator, writer, amateur astronomer, philosopher, and leader of the Brahmo Samaj.
  • Satyajit’s father Sukumar Ray was also a critic and illustrator who pioneered Bengali writing with his book nonsense rhyme or Abol Tabol.

The famous Shukhalata Rao was Ray’s aunt who is a renowned author and social worker.

What was Satyajit Ray Images HD in Global Media?

What was Satyajit Ray Images HD in Global Media

According to sources, an OTT platform is paying tribute to the famous director and movie maker on his birth anniversary on 02 May. His work is showcased in a special event called Manik Babur Panchali.

The event is aired from 22 April 2024 to 06 May 2024 in honor of his contributions to the industry. Hereby, the journey is titled after Ray’s nickname and welcomes all cinephiles to get an insight into the timeless classics of Ray for ten days.

This is the 104th birth anniversary of the filmmaker whose contribution to the cinema industry is unforgettable.

Final Conclusion – Satyajit Ray Death and His Legacy

Satyajit Ray was known for his work ethic. Research states he was a heavy smoker but a non-drinker. Besides, he worked for 12 hours daily, and his religious views were towards atheism.

Satyajit Ray Death occurred on 23 April 1992 at the age of 70 due to cardiac complications. Audrey Hepburn presented him with the Honorary Academy Award just 24 hours before his demise through a video link.

Ray is said to have also delivered an acceptance speech upon receiving the award. His legacy continues to triumph through his work and contribution to the cinema world.

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