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Did you hear about this investigation of a Pastor’s wife? This news of John Paul Miller, who is a pastor, caught attention in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Here, we will study John Paul Miller’s Pastor information. So, let’s continue to read the following information.

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In South Carolina, a community is grieving the loss of their Pastor’s wife, 30, who appears to have taken her own life.  In Lumber River State Park, close to Myrtle Beach, Mica Miller passed away over the weekend.

The startling news that his wife, Mica Miller, had committed herself was revealed after Sunday’s prayer service at Solid Rock at Market Common in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Miller is the founder and Pastor of the church.

 Miller’s 30-year-old spouse and he tied the knot in 2017, giving birth to five stepchildren for her. Their family is characterized as having a desire to love God and devotion to others on the church homepage. This news has been posted on Reddit, and people offer condolences.

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John Paul Miller Myrtle Beach- Read the information here-

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Authorities in North Carolina are looking into the death of Mica Miller, the thirty-year-old spouse of Pastor John-Paul Miller of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

Miller’s body was discovered by Robeson County officers on April 27 in the Lumber River State Park, approximately one hour’s drive from the Millers’ hometown of Myrtle Beach, last weekend. Her cause of death is currently being looked into, according to ABC 15.

The Pastor’s wife passed away on Saturday, April 27, according to Mica’s obituary, which was prepared by her husband but omits information about her cause of death. 

She is praised for being an incredible wife, helpmate, and stepmother. She provided all-around assistance to Pastor John-Paul at the church.

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Read John Paul Miller Pastor Biography here

Pastor John Paul Miller performed on the piano in churches and nightclubs during his adolescent years. He believed that the church was for hypocrites who behaved differently in public and in private. 

He devoted his life to Jesus Christ one day in his mid-20s. John-Paul took a bold step and opened Solid Rock Ministries, his first church, in the Socastee Library in 2006. 

His first sermon lasted six minutes because he was only familiar with one passage. His family, a few friends, and a few previous acquaintances who had used drugs made up his first group of people. 

 Before founding Solid Rock at Market Common, his new church, where he has served as Pastor since 2016, Pastor John-Paul was active in the music departments of churches throughout the Grand Strand. Logan is married to his wife, Madison; Zachary, Eli, Asher, and Selah are PJP’s five children. 

The hearts of Pastor John-Paul and his spouse, Mica, are to love God and love people. All of the attendees of Solid Rock at Market Common have fallen in love with the place because of its genuine, friendly, and accessible vibe. 

The article about John Paul Miller Pastor, reveals that on the death of the Pastor’s wife still, investigation is going on. Click here.

Besides leading worship, Mica was the Pastor’s assistant, youth leader, female ministry leader, and graphic artist. She carried out all of this with the utmost devotion and honesty.

On the internet, Mica’s family members are drawing attention to an unusual passage in the notice of passing. The woman would complement her spouse and inform him he served as the most excellent speaker in the world following each religious practice.

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