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Yoga Twins Crash {Aug 2022} Alexandra Again Got Bailed!

The article describes the Yoga Twins Crash incident and the aftermath of the facts from a brief angle.

Do you know about the mysterious twin’s murder case? It happened a few years back. But recently, the news has been spreading again, and people are interested to know the facts. Many people in the United States want to know about the actual incident.

An SUV car was also involved in this incident. For this reason, we have to discuss the matter and give you an accurate report on Yoga Twins Crash

What Was the Incident? 

It is about two Yoga instructors fighting. The area of the incident was Hana Highway on the Island of Maui. In the year 2016, an SUV was running to the cliff. As per the witnesses’ view, suddenly they found the two women were fighting with each other. 

Later the witnesses found that the two women were identical twins. The people rushed to them and tried to stop the fighting. The people could not understand the reason for action. Later, police found the twin’s name was Anastasia Duval and Alexandra. 

Yoga Twins Case– The Real Facts 

Police later found both were Yoga teachers. But in the crash, Anastasia died. The local authority arrested another twin, Alexandra. A case was started on Alexandra. The police charged her with second-degree murder. But the judge had no proof against Alexandra, and the court released her without charge.

After the release order by the honorable court, many people still believed that Alexandra was not innocent. She was actually involved in the death row of her identical twin sister. But the incident took place around six years ago. But still doesn’t have faith in Alexandra.

Yoga Twins Crash

The crash incident took the life of Anastasia. Both Alexandra and Anastasia was the owner of a Yoga centre. But later in the investigation, police found the relationship between the two sisters was not healthy. Alexandra had drinking issues and also wanted to close the studio. But her sister Anastasia could wish to sell the yoga studio. 

That sparked problems between the two sisters. As per the police reports, Alexandra tried to save her each moment. Even once she changed her identity and name. But police had a close eye on her for the incident of Yoga Twins Maui

Why was the News Circulating? 

The incident happened on 29 May 2016. At that time, the news was published by many reputed media organizations. It became the front page crime store at that time. Later on, Alexandra was rereleased from this charge; the news was published in the newspaper and many news portals. 

For this incident, Alexandra was arrested two times. And many people remember her name as a prime suspect. 


The recent news comes that Alexandra got bailed again with a three million USD bond. She was even discharged by the court with 200,000 USD cash bail from the Yoga Twins Crash case. Please note all the reports have trusted news sources. 

But for more interpretations, you can read the link. What do you think about Alexandra’s release? Please comment. 

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