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Learn the rules for writing the Write For Us News And Media guest blogs. Also, get to know about the proper submission guidelines here.

Do you keep creative blogging qualities? Are you from a journalism background? Do you have knowledge and interest in News and media stuff? 

Nowadays, many people have sample knowledge of News and Media. However, only a few can get the chance to benefit others with their learning. Thus, we want to share some top-quality blogs that will satisfy the readers completely. Hence, we invite all interested writers for this limited guest blogging opportunity on Write For Us News And Media. Get information on more details below.

What does our platform do?

Many people considering writing for us are interested in our platform’s details. We are team Cinejoia, one of the most reliable platforms. Our team consists of several good writers with several years of experience. Thus, any writer interested in starting their writing or guest blogging career will get assistance on relevant issues. Therefore, you will be assisted by our team if you need help understanding the  Write for Us + News And Media guidelines.

Our team produces quality and authentic content for all readers. We share content for:-

  • Website, Product & News Reviews.
  • Obituary and Biography.
  • Lifestyle and Politics.
  • Entertainment and more.

Writers Educational Qualification for writing a guest post

The topic “News and Media” in itself is pretty vast. Many people aspire to start their careers in Mass media and journalism. However, some need more knowledge to start their career in this field. The writer’s guest blogs can help many interested people learn about the correct educational qualifications required for journalism. Thus, the News And Media + “Write for Us” guest blogs shall be informative and should resolve the relevant issues of the readers. Now, look at our website’s educational qualifications for writing a blog.

Educational Field: We don’t put any bar or educational restrictions to write for us. However, any person with degrees in media and journalism, like BJMC and MJMC, can attempt to write for us. Otherwise, anyone with years of experience in Mass Communication and Journalism can share their knowledge through our guest blogs.

Any Particular Profession: To write the News And Media Write for Us blogs, anyone in the same profession, such as a journalist or news writer, can. However, we only bar people who keep the writing potential. 

Necessary Skills: A person with good writing and editing skills is most welcome. Our platform also provides opportunities to all freshers as well.

Write for us rules and regulations

  • The article’s word limit should be ranged between 1500 to 2500 words.
  • Content should cover necessary topics and information within it.
  • Our platform only shares authentic and informative content with the readers.
  • The “Write for Us” + News And Media guest blogs should have a 98+ grammar score. Hence, we don’t accept content with grammatical errors.
  • Every writer must proofread their articles before submission. Proofreading helps correct silly mistakes within the content.
  • The writers must ensure that the blogs are self-written.
  • Aggressive and inappropriate words should be avoided. Writers must only use terms that are accepted under the community guidelines.
  • Writers must not promote any harmful activities through the blog.
  • Writers must avoid using AI tools to write their content. 

The SEO tips for News And Media “Write for Us” guest blogs

The writers must make sure to follow the SEO tips properly. ASEO aspects of the content will help generate more audiences for the write-ups.

  • The writers must incorporate some chosen keywords associated with their topics. Using keywords will increase the visibility of our articles on various search engines.
  • The writers must use mixed keywords for their articles to create a balance in their content.
  • The writers must check the spam score while writing the Write For Us News And Media. Also, every writer should avoid using inappropriate words or links, which will help maintain the spam score of their blogs.
  • The writers should add proper internal and external links to their blogs. This will make the whole content more informative and catchy.
  • Make sure to add relevant images to your writers, as pictures can attract more readers, especially young readers, to your blogs.

Some topics to write the blogs

Writers must select a relevant and attractive topic for their blogs. More relevant topics might be needed to satisfy readers with the Write For Us News And Media guest bogs. We have stated some News and Media related topics below:-

  • How are mass media and communication helpful in today’s world?
  • Did the emergence of social media platforms help the mass media world?
  • Pros and cons of Internet in mass media.
  • How communication & journalism are dependent.

Advantages for writing blogs

  • Writers will get many benefits for registering at our company. They will get an open platform to showcase their talents.
  • All the writers will earn credits after sharing their content on our platform.
  • The Write For Us News And Media guest blogs will get more recognition through our platform.
  • Writers can now conduct their SERP tests to check their writing quality.

Process for article submission

  • Writers can send their guest blogs to us with the mentioned email id.
  • Also, writers are most welcome to come with their queries regarding the stated guidelines.
  • The writer must provide us with a suitable time to review their articles.
  • Our team will get back to the writers soon once they have completed the review process.


Hence, we discussed the essential procedures for Write For Us News And Media guest blogs. Writers must abide by every mentioned rule to avoid any mistakes. So, keen writers can drop their articles at infocinejoia.tv@gmail.com. So, help a birding journalist find the correct path through your article. We are thanking every writer in advance for sharing their News and media-based guest blogs with us.

Are you interested in sharing your Journalism knowledge with the readers? Drop a comment below.

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