What Is zeeroq.com: What Is Data Breach And Know The Website?

What Is zeeroq.com Online Website Reviews

The article will answer What Is zeeroq.com and provide details on the Website and the Data Breach.

Have you heard of a website named Zeeroq? People from Brazil, the United States, and the United Kingdom are curious to know about the website since it has gathered much attention from people in the present. The website is known to steal information and is under scrutiny for data breaches. 

In this article, we will provide the answer to What Is zeeroq.com and will give information about the website and the latest acquisitions that have been made. 

What Is zeeroq.com?

What Is zeeroq.com

Zeeroq is an alternative name for SAN. It stands for subject alternative name, and it is a part of the website’s name, organization, and entity with which it works. It provides various links to websites that provide information based on daily news. There has been a regular complaint from users worldwide about data breaches after using the website. 

The Zeeroq.com Data Breach received public attention when several users on Reddit complained about the information leak and how their passwords were compromised. Since then, the website has come under scrutiny, and people started reporting the website. Several marketing channels get traffic through social media platforms on the website. 

Zeeroq.com Data Breach Details

Zeeroq.com Data Breach Details

Zeeroq is a website known to leak crucial information of the viewers, especially the email id and passwords. People got to know about the data leak through a notification from a website known as Surfshark. They reported that the password was an old password and people had no idea about the current usage of the password on the website. 

People also had no clue about What Is Zeeroq Website and why it uses the passwords used by people decades ago. There has been no response regarding the current password usage, and people are skeptical about changing their passwords and the damage the website can bring to them. 

Specifications of zeeroq.com

  • The website was formed on March 29, 2008.
  • The trust score of the website is 62.9%.
  • There is no valid https connection found.
  • People did not find any satisfactory answer to What Is Zeeroq.com?
  • Any Blacklist engine does not detect the website.
  • The proximity to suspicious websites score is 18. 
  • The WHOIS data is hidden.
  • The registration remains private and is operated from Arizona.
  • The contact number provided is 14806242599.
  • The email address given is abuse@godaddy.com.
  • There are no details about the threat and malware score of the website. 
  • The website has targeted customers, especially from the US, the UK, Vietnam, Canada, and other countries. 
  • We did not come across any company privacy policy listed on the website. 

What Is Zeeroq Website

Zeeroq website is known to leak customers’ private credentials through various other websites that are not legally known. Since 2024,, the website has gained much traffic, considering the data bridge the customers faced in the past few days. The hackers steal your private information, such as your email ID and password.

To find more about Zeeroq.com Data Breach details, visit online platforms where people have reported the matter and how they overcame it. People should try to protect their accounts on various websites to reduce the risk of data stealing. 

How to safeguard your account?

How to safeguard your account

After the data breach on the Zeeroq website, it is advisable to safeguard your account. But before that, people curious about What Is Zeeroq Website can go through the article to find out the details of the platform. 

However, to safeguard your account, we suggest people create strong passwords by mixing letters, numbers, and symbols and creating different passwords for different accounts. Never use the same password for all your websites.

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Social media links

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The answer about What Is zeeroq.com is listed in our post. We suggest people go through the posture and learn the drawbacks of using the same passwords for all your accounts and the method to safeguard your account. Also, Zeeroq has no reviews online. For more details visit online websites and find more about the platform.

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What are your thoughts on the website? Comment below. 

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