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What Is The Hunt In Roblox 2024: How Long Will Roblox the Hunt Last? Check Here

What Is the Hunt in Roblox 2024? Please read all the related details about it here. Follow our blog to know more.

Roblox has released an event for easter. The 2024 Event is known as The Hunt. As per the reports, the easter event is being held after several years. The netizens from the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom are excited.      

How Long Will Roblox the Hunt Last?

The event has started on 15th March 2024 at 10:00 in the morning. The time is as per the Pacific time. This event will be running for around two weeks. The Hunt will end on 29th March 2024. 

The Hunt event will come to an end just before the easter. The event has been going on currently.

More than 90 games on the Roblox will be participating in this event. The Hunt: First Edition is proving to be a hit event initially. 

They have created a dedicated page for the event. They were hosting countdowns and other similar things on that page. In the event there is an infinite Vault, it is considered to be the most exciting thing about the whole event.

Roblox had provided proper social media banners for the event. They were promoting it on a significant level.

How Long Will Roblox the Hunt Last
How Long Will Roblox the Hunt Last

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What are the Roblox the Hunt Rewards?

In the event, whoever participates will receive a lot of different rewards. Such as wings, compasses, crowns, pendants, hoods, headphones, etc.

These rewards can be collected with the help of badges that players collect while playing the game. One might also receive the first edition of the hunt event t-shirt.

The rewards will be collected with at least five badges. The highest and most excellent reward will be granted with 95 badges. If a player buys the gold track, they can easily collect a lot of badges. 

A simple thing a player must do is complete the quest. Upon completing the quest, the player will receive badges. There is a hub for quests. One can also collect more badges if they are wearing the Korblox Deathwalker accessory. 

The badges will be awarded based on the gold track. A player who purchases the gold track will receive more badges. Players who have yet to buy a golf track will get fewer badges.

What are the Roblox the Hunt Rewards
What are the Roblox the Hunt Rewards

Have You Not Received Your Reward Yet?

There are a few instances where a player has yet to receive a reward after redeeming their badge. Or they might not have needed to obtain a badge after completing the quest.

These are widespread glitches in the server. A mistake happens when there is a lot of load on the server. The rewards will be automatically awarded in a few minutes or a few times. 

Thus, there is no need to panic if it happens to anyone. The badges you redeem will be well-spent, and you will receive proper badges or rewards. 

These events are launched worldwide. Hence, the load on the game’s server began to increase. As many people play the game, the load increases. 

What is Roblox and Hunt Event?

Every day, millions of people come together on the worldwide Roblox platform. They conceive, create, and also share experiences. 

It is a platform for gamers, developers, programmers and people who want to play fun games casually. It is a very famous gaming platform. 

The platform was launched in 2006 by the Roblox corporation. They have introduced a new event for easter. The Hunt: First Edition event has started on 15th March 2024.

The event will end on 29th March 2024. The event is currently a trending topic worldwide.

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