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Was Compton A White Neighborhood (Apr 2021) Let’s Read! >> The write-up exclusively mentions the storyline of the series to let viewers know more about the history.

Do you want to know the history of Compton, California? If yes, the news is for you to grab more about the city and its past. 

Compton, one of the oldest cities, is popular as Hub city as it locates nearly at the perfect geographical center of Los Angeles. The citizens of the United States are curious to know more about the city.

The news on Was Compton A White Neighborhood will make people understand more about the city. 

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Knowing the history of Compton

Thirty pioneering families settled The Hub City, Compton, in 1887. Griffith Dickenson Compton led the group of families from Stockton, California.

The groups after settled here realized the requirement of improvement to the place. Griffith took the initiative to incorporate the city, Compton, donating his land in 1889. 

In 1920, the city got its first airport, known as Compton Airport. From 1920 to 1940, the primary residents of the city were Japanese Americans; most of them were farmers. Consequently, the city was known as the place for white residents until World War II. This situation often arises the question Was Compton A White Neighborhood or not. 

How did White capture the area? 

Till World War II, Compton was known as the White neighborhood of Los Angeles. There was a restriction on the sale of houses to Black families in Compton. 

This situation led the black to face unwanted and unfriendly incidents during the 1950s. 

A brief on Amazon Prime Series- THEM

THEM, a new series on Amazon Prime, mentions the story of the difficulties that the black-faced during the 1950s. 

The first part of the story describes how the black took in the Great Migration moving to Compton and faced huge abhorrence from the White. 

What does the creator mention about Was Compton A White Neighborhood?

Little Marvin, the creator of the series, mentioned that Compton was a stronghold of black nearly 60 or 70 years back. At present, people may consider Compton a place for black. But during the era of 1950 to 1940, the situation was different. 

The Whites were passionate about their race, and they used to protect their place vehemently.  

THEM- the storyline

The story starts with how the first Black family reaches Compton into the White neighborhood. The story depicts how the suburban dream of the Black family got saddened with a nightmare. 

The audience will view the way the angry White family tries its best to push the Black family out from the neighborhood. Viewing the story, the people of the United States know Was Compton A White Neighborhood during the 1950s.

The story will also let people know how the African Americans move to Compton and led the changes in 1952. 

Wrapping Up

THEM, the series based on the history of Compton has released on April 9, 2021. Those who want to know about Compton’s history and how city changes can watch this series. The show shares a perfect blend of sad and strange stories of that era. 

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