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Soutiaa Com Reviews (April 2021) Is It Legit Or Hoax?

Soutiaa Com Reviews (April 2021) Is It Legit Or Haox? >> The article presents a detailed description of the online retailer selling apparel for women and its legitimacy.

Do you like buying those cute hoodies online rather than roaming in the scorching heat? Then certainly the article will attract you. Also, the article has tons of informational facts about Soutiaa.

As you already know, even in the developed countries like The United Statesscammers are increasing rapidly. This article is on – Soutiaa com Reviewswith a detailed description of the site in sections below.

The companies online could be the scammers who steal your money along with your personal details. The whole point of the article is to keep you secure from them.

Table of Contents

What is Soutiaa?

Soutiaa is an online retailing company that sells specifically in the categories of women’s apparel. The claim to provide their customers with the best service possible. The company claims to keep their transaction and billing quick along with transparency. They also claim to save your shopping time.

Do all these perks claimed to make you question – Is Soutiaa com Legit? Don’t worry! The article has a separate section for checking the legitimacy of the company. The company of Soutiaa sells particularly beautiful dresses and chic hoodies for your comfort. The company also claims trade services that are cost-effective if you see it in the view of e-commercial trading. The same company has claimed simplification with securing buyers’ shopping time. 

Stick to the article to know more about Soutiaa.

Specifications of Soutiaa Website

  • Website Link- https://www.soutiaa.com/
  • Products Offered – dresses and hoodies
  • Creation Date – While researching the article on – Soutiaa com Reviews, the date of creating the domain is 13th January 2021.
  • Email address – liarikova@bk.ru( for shipping and return purposes)
  • Contact Details – the company has no contact number,
  • Shipping – shipment varies in regions from 5-21 days.
  • Return/Exchange – Maximum 7 days.
  • Refund – you can’t claim it after 24 hrs of buying.
  • Cancellation – shipped order will fall in the policy.
  • Address- Shop No.2 Building 11, Dingsheng Community, Jingyu County
  • Payment Method – Visa card, Master card and PayPal are accepted.

Advantages of Soutiaa shopping 

  • The company deals specifically in hoodies and dresses.
  • The products look fancy in the pictures.


  • According to Soutiaa com Reviews– the portal has been created recently in January.
  • The company’s given address is not detectable on Google Maps.
  • The company Soutiaa has hardly any communal social popularity for the site.
  • It has #0 ratings on Alexa.com in terms of social media ranking.
  • The company has proved dubious email id, that too just for return and shipping queries.
  • The company shows hoodies even in their top’s section.
  • The company named Soutiaa has no customer reviews on their site.
  • The company has a poor trust rating while checking for confidence in the company.
  • The company takes a huge span of time for shipping the order in the Middle East.

 Is Soutiaa com Legit Or Scam? 

The foremost important points- 

  • Age of Domain – The company is created on 13th January 2021, making it just two months and some days, which is clearly suspicious in terms of trusting it.
  • Confidence index- The company’s trust index is just 2%, making it poor to mark it a trustworthy company.
  • Plagiarized Content – The content is 100% copied from other websites, and some of them are found to be scams.
  • Address – The company’s location address is hard to identify in real as it doesn’t show up on the maps.
  • Social Media Presence – Not visible social media presence of the company.
  • Ranking- The company, when checked, found to be having zero rankings on Alexa.com
  • Customer Soutiaa com Reviews– No customer reviews are available.

According to these pointers, the Soutiaa seems suspicious; read more to know if that’s true or not.

Reviews Of Customer On Soutiaa

Customer reviews are the most trustable source of finding if the site is legit or not, in the same way, to identify it; while surveying, not even a single review on the site was found. Infact the critics clearly reviewed it to be a suspicious site.

Final verdict

In the final results, hoping that the article did justices to your questions about legitimacy. According to Soutiaa com Reviewsthe site is evidently suspicious. The only advice is not to shop from the site after seeing the reviews, trust score and also ratings of the site.

The site has a lot of copied content, questioning their originality and motives behind the company. Have you bought from this site before? Comment below.

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