Shiv Sena Leader Son Shot Dead: Check Information On Leader Killed in Batala

Latest News Shiv Sena Leader Son Shot Dead

Shiv Sena Leader Son Shot Dead explains the Murder of Shiv Sena leader. How the leader had been Killed, and who was shot in Batala.

Who was the Shiv Sena leader? Why was Abhishek killed? Who shot the leader of Shiv Sena? When did the incident happen? Is the victim caught? The news of the death became sensational in India and Canada. People are in shock after watching the live video. Know more about the death by reading Shiv Sena Leader Son Shot Dead

Shiv Sena Leader Son Shot Dead.

There was reportedly an ongoing dispute between Ghosalkar and the guy who attacked him. Mauris Noronha, an entrepreneur, as Ghosalkar had previously filed a formal complaint against Noronha. According to sources, both had similar political aspirations, while the former was well-established in state politics.

Shiv Sena Leader Murder

The horrific tragedy happened on Thursday night when Ghosalkar and Noronha went to a charity function where they gave sarees to needy and working ladies. The two leaders talked peacefully during the ceremony, which Noronha broadcast live on Facebook. They both declare that they have made up and decided to put their competition behind them. Shiv Sena Leader Shot in Batala by Noronha.

Who confirmed the death of the Shiv Sena Leader?

They had a general discussion about the politics. But once again, the roles changed when Noronha shot Ghosalkar and then pulled the lever on himself, as appeared on the live feed.

After that, Ghosalkar was taken to the adjacent Karuna Hospital. When medical staff declared him dead, he received gunshot wounds to several areas of his body, including his backbone and ribs. Shiv Sena Leader Murder, and he was dead.

Ghosalkar’s body was brought to Sir JJ Hospital for an autopsy report. Specifics will be disclosed later, a top IPS official told the online sources.

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Shiv Sena Leader Killed

After the murder of the Shiv Sena leader, he proceeded to the office rooftop. He loaded his weapon, shot himself in the head, and then called the responding police to the crime scene. The investigation moved to the Mumbai Criminal Department on Friday.

Crime Branch officers are handling the Shiv Sena Leader Shot investigation in Batal. Based on the evidence presented, it appears that the two had a rivalry of some sort, and the murder may have been the result of that rivalry.

When was Abhishek Ghosalkar killed?

Abhishek Ghosalkar was killed at 7.30 pm during the Facebook live session. According to rumors, the purpose of Facebook Live was to heal their dispute and let their fans know that they had moved past it.

Following the conclusion of the post-mortem of Shiv Sena Leader’s Murder at J.J. Hospital, Ghosalkar’s lifeless remains were transported to his Borivali apartment around 10.30 am.


As per online sources, the leader of the Shiv Sena (UBT), Abhishek Ghosalkar, was shot three times on February 8th. During a live Facebook speech on his political activities. Later, the attacker shot himself to death. The incident happens at Borivali. Know more about the attack online.

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