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Riley Strain Body Found: Details On Update Nashville & Credit Card

The article on Riley Strain Body Found explain the police and various groups carried out a search to find the senior student after Riley Strain Credit Card was retrieved.

Riley Strain from the United States has been on search by the Nashville Police Department since he went missing. The news has reached as far as Canada, wherein his family and police have searched the youth since early Sunday.

According to the statement received by Metro Nashville Police, they could find Strain’s bank card lying near the Cumberland River.

The card was retrieved from between the Cumberland River embankment and Gay Street. The police found it on Sunday afternoon.

Hashtags of Riley Strain Body Found have been doing rounds on the internet since the missing news surfaced on social media.

In this article, we have elaborated on all information related to Riley Strain and further explained whether the police could crack the case.

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Riley Strain Body Found: What Happened to Riley Strain?

Strain was a senior student at the University of Missouri. The incident occurred on 08 March 2024 when Strain was asked to leave Luke’s 32 Bridge.

Riley Strain Body Found What Happened to Riley Strain
Riley Strain Body Found What Happened to Riley Strain

The senior had visited Luke Bryan’s bar on Broadway for drinks. According to sources, TC Restaurant Group divulged that he was served two glasses of water and one drink.

According to Riley Strain Update Nashville, his bank card was found lying near the Cumberland River’s edge. The police confirmed that the card belonged to Strain after conducting an appropriate investigation.

Riley Strain Update Nashville – What is the Latest News?

Furthermore, upon investigation, it was identified that the senior was escorted from the venue. The decision was made after thoroughly looking at his behavior, which did not meet the conduct standards.

He was escorted from the restaurant and bar through the exit near Broadway in front of the building. Later, his party member followed him to the staircase. However, as per sources, the individual who was seen with Riley did not go along with him and went back to the stairs.

The statement was given by the TC Restaurant Group a week after the event took place.

Where Did Police Find Riley Strain Credit Card?

The police also investigated the video acquired from the Downtown Shop, which is located on Church Street. Herein, Strain was seen stumbling and falling nearby at the parking lot.

Where Did Police Find Riley Strain Credit Card
Where Did Police Find Riley Strain Credit Card

The timing captured is approximately 9.45 pm near 3rd Avenue and Church Street. In another piece of footage timed at 9.47 pm, he was seen crossing from 1st Avenue towards North to Gay Street.

Detectives tracked his phone conversation, which showed the last ping near Gay Street and James Robertson Parkway at 9:55 p.m. and 10 p.m.

His friend filed his missing report when they called 911 on Saturday, March 9, 2024. The complaint was filed after they visited the Central Police Precinct, so they called the sheriff to file a missing person report.

The search was started near the Cumberland River. There have been no reports of any foul play, and his bank card was found near the Cumberland River.

Is Riley Strain Body Found?

According to sources, two TikTokkers started searching near the river’s edge. According to the department, they also recovered a body seen floating on the river. The individual was seen wearing a maroon shirt.

However, the description did not fit that of Riley Strain. In addition, the Uvalde Foundation for Kids announced sending a special team of volunteers from “STOPNOW” school patrol team community to search for Strain. To learn more about Riley Strain, click

There are more volunteers to join the search. The MNPD has also provided details about Strain. According to the information, Strain is 6’5” feet tall with blonde hair, a slender build, and blue eyes.

Any information can be shared at MNPD by calling 615-862-8600.

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