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This article on Merritt and Style Instagram will give you all the details on Merritt and Style Son Dies, Merritt and Style Son Accident.

Have you heard about Merritt’s son? Do you know about his death? Merritt and Style Instagram is trending as the famous beauty stylist has lost her son who was very young. The news has spread on many platforms as she published a post on her Instagram informing her about the death of his son. The news was shocking for many people. Merritt resides in Texas, in the United States. After she broke the news many people started searching about the cause of his death. In this article, we will share all the details about Merritt and Style’s son.

Merritt and Style Instagram

Merritt and Style is a famous social media influencer and blogger. She is a popular beauty stylist who has thousands of followers on her instagram account. Merritt and style started trending on instagram and other platforms after she broke out the news of the tragic death of her child. On 12 January 2024, Merritt and Style published a post on her instagram account about the death of his child. The news has grabbed the attention of several people around the world. Her child was very young. She did not mention the age of her child. The reason behind the death is not mentioned clearly in her instagram post. 

How Merritt and Style Son Dies?

Merritt and Style is a prominent influencer in social media. The news of his son’s child has spread on several platforms like Twitter, instagram, etc. Merritt did not mention the exact reason behind his death but she did mention that he passed away from a tragic incident. As per the online sources, Merritt’s son passed away after a drowning incident. Merritt and Style Son Dies after he drowned but we can not confirm until any official detail about his death is revealed. No further details about his son have been revealed till now. The details about his death date are also not revealed.

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Merritt and Style Son Accident

There is no information on the details of her son’s accident. Merritt informed about the tragic incident on 12th January 2024. She revealed that her son passed away last week after a tragic incident. However, she did not further elaborate on the incident that happened with her son. She stated that his son was loved a lot by his family. His big brother adores him a lot. We will inform you with more details as soon as they are revealed. 

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here on Merritt and Style Son Accident, as per the online sources the son of Merritt has passed away after he met a tragic incident. He passed away after he met with a drowning incident in Frisco, Texas. Further details about Callahan’s death are unknown. We will inform you with more details after they are released. The death news was made public on 12th January but we can not confirm the exact date of Callahan. You can visit this link to learn more details on Merritt and style.

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Disclaimer: We have published the information in this post after taking it from several online websites. However, the official death reason is not revealed till now. 

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