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The 7 Benefits of Choosing Merino Wool Base Layers for Hunting

As we sit now in the middle of a long-hot summertime, enjoying the warm weather and all of the benefits that come with it, it can seem like these good times are never going to end. We are heading off on our long road trips with friends and family, enjoying our barbecues and sipping cold drinks on our summer vacations; the thought of winter is in our minds.

However, autumn and winter will come; the leaves will fall, and the outdoors will get colder. Yet, it need not all be doom and gloom in this regard. The downsides of the colder season also come from the many benefits. For many, the main advantage is the beginning of the hunting season. 

So, when that glorious season does get here, you want to be ready. Scraping around for the remains of the hunting supplies nobody else wanted is a position you never want to be in. 

The best way to prepare for hunting season is to start assembling your equipment right now, and as any good hunter knows, when getting ready for the hunt, you need to start at the bottom. Base layers are critical for keeping you prepared to hunt and active when you are hunting, so when picking the ideal base layer, it’s impossible to go wrong with Merino wool. 

Merino wool is a fine-sheep wool that sits at the top of a pile when considering quality wool. These seven benefits will convince you that this is precisely the product you need for your base layer.

1. Absorption

Merino wool has the staggering ability to absorb up to 30 percent of its dry weight in water; this will allow you to hunt in all conditions and not fear any type of wet weather. Some of the best hunting is done in the rain; let merino wool ensure that you’re right there for it. 

2. Adaptability. 

This wool will allow you to hunt whenever, wherever, however. We have already established how this will make you a wet-weather hunter, but merino wool can keep you warm in the winter and refreshingly cool come the summer. 

This is not a product you buy at a cost only to sit in your wardrobe untouched for half the year. Make the investment in merino wool hunting clothes,  and you’ll be wearing them all year round. 

3. Washing it is a breeze. 

Merino wool is the product that just keeps giving. Because of its unique qualities, it’s super easy to wash. In fact, usually, just airing it overnight will freshen it up for the next hunt. Follow the instructions when you occasionally wash it; this will be the freshest product in your entire wardrobe. 

4. Odor Resistance. 

Simply put, we’ve all been there; it’s late in the hunt, and the group is starting to smell like a day’s hard work. Well, with Merino wool, that won’t have to be you any longer. This wool is odor-resistant and doesn’t allow a build-up of smelly bacteria; it has you covered in every sense. 

5. Sustainability

In the modern era, hunters are becoming increasingly concerned with the sustainability of their practice. Merino wool is a long-lasting product that won’t see you replacing it at every turn of the season. 

However, on top of this, within 12 months of being finished with the gear, merino wool returns to the ground, which means that when you’re done with it, you can feed the earth with your old base layer. It doesn’t get more sustainable than that. 

6. Style. 

You will look like the best-dressed hunter on the trail wearing your Merino wool. With the added confidence of knowing you look great, your hunting performance will surely improve. Knowing that you have ticked every box and not need to second guess if you look prepared will free up your mind to focus on the essential things; having the best possible hunt. 

7. Feeling great. 

Some wool products look great and do a good job, but the itching drives you crazy and distracts you from successfully hunting. Not merino wool. It’s extremely fine and soft, with a single wool fiber only 1/3 the diameter of a normal human hair. 

It moves with your body when it rubs against your body, as base layers do. These fibers cannot withstand their weight; that’s how soft they are. However, when bunched together by the experts who design this gear, it provides the best coverage you could ever ask for. 


The benefits of merino wool are endless, but this article isn’t. Anyone who has even worn it could testify to the fact that you could write a 70-point list on what makes it such a great base layer, and you would still be leaving some out. However, the best way to learn just how great a product this is is to try it out, so pick yourself up some.

You simply need to get it right when it comes to base layers. Getting off to a great start at the bottom of your hunting attire will lead to success with the rest of your hunting gear. Do yourself a favor, consider Merino wool, and consider yourself well-equipped. 

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