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Maximo de la Cruz Arrested

Maximo de la Cruz has been in discussion after the authorities arrested him for threatening to shoot and kill the people. This 52-year-old South Florida man called the FBI field officer and threatened to use an automatic weapon. He threatened to shoot the mass as he expected to receive FBI or CIA protection from Jewish people. He wanted to kill hundreds of people in a building or at a concert. He also claimed during the call that the Jewish people assaulted and kidnapped him. Therefore, he demanded protection from their harassment. Authority revealed that De la Cruz had a history with law enforcement.

Maximo de la Cruz Arrest

Maximo de la Cruz Arrest

People are interested to know more about the arrest of Maximo de la Cruz. He was also arrested in 2014 for defacing a banner in Miami Beach. His attorney presented an argument stating that he had a cerebral illness to prevent his arrest. He was also arrested after being accused of threats or extortion. Presently, he is in jail on a $100,000 bond. He has to appear in court from time to time as the trial has been going on. During the call, de la Cruz expressed that a lot of people would die. He also made statements to the FBI operator that he had been assaulted and manipulated.

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Maximo de la Cruz TikTok

The picture of Maximo de la Cruz is circulating on various social media platforms, including TikTok. He has been a hot topic of discussion after his arrest. His anger is against the Jewish people, and he wants protection from the Jews. According to a press release, he has been trying to contact the FBI to get protection from Jewish people. De la Cruz has been contacting the authorities on numerous occasions to report the hateful acts of Jews. But they have not given any attention to his reports and claims. They were ignoring his calls, and therefore, he had to make a threatening call. After Maximo de la Cruz Arrestedpeople are inquiring about the details of the incident.

Why did De La Cruz Threaten?

Why did De La Cruz Threaten

De La Cruz wanted the attention of the FBI as they ignored his claims against Jewish people. Therefore, he threatened to kill hundreds of people by entering into a building and at a concert. Since he was receiving harassment from Jews, he wanted protection against their harassment. He claimed that he was paying taxes to the United States government. People are eager to know about De La Cruz, and they are sharing the incident along with his pictures on social media platforms after Maximo de la Cruz Arrest

Personal Life of Maximo De La Cruz

People are eager to know about Maximo De La Cruz’s personal life. But there are not many details about his personal life. He became famous after he threatened to shoot people in public places. The authorities paid attention to his terror statement and arrested him to prevent any such terror activities.

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The 52-year-old man from South Florida threatened to kill people. Maximo de la Cruz TikTok is circulating, and people are trying to get more information about him. To know moreplease visit the link.

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