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Read the article below to update yourself on the Martial Peak 2005 chapter if you are a fan of Martial Peak.

We all have thought of escaping our reality for some time and going on some magical journey after a stressful day. Even though it seems physically impossible but creatively, it is possible, thanks to stories presented in anime and manga.

In addition, the stories in manga are enjoyed by people Worldwide now because of their gripping narrative and relatable characters. Hence a manga that fits this description is Martial Peak 2005 chapter. It has been in everyone’s mind and has successfully gathered many positive reviews. 

So without further delay, learn more about Martial Peak and much more.

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What is Martial Peak? 

Martial Peak is one of the most talked-about manga Worldwide for all the right reasons. The story is the brainchild of the author Momo with the illustrations by Pikapi. It is a Chinese manga; however, it is translated into English for people who don’t understand Chinese. Notably, Martial Peak has approximately more than 1000 chapters and still going strong. 

So far, Martial Peak 2005 continues the plot that follows shy and fragile servant Kai Yang of the High Heaven Pavilion. Kai Yang’s struggles and adventures are the main plots with new characters. 

Characters of The Story

The story has many characters, some of which are recurring, and some are permanent. Therefore, for beginners, the story may be a little confusing.

Hence, we have jotted out the main characters that play a crucial role in the story.

  • Yang Kai: The story’s main hero around who all the action occurs. Throughout and in the chapter Martial Peak 2005, you will see him go through an immense transformation, therefore, evolving into a better character. 
  • Meng Wu Ya: At the start of the story, he was the first master and treasurer of the High Heaven Pavilion. He is more than 500 years old and a proud harmless man. He has an adopted daughter who is Yang Kai’s consort. 
  • Yang Yan: She is also known as the Emperor of the Starry Sky. Unfortunately, she goes comatose and seeks Yang Kai’s help to merge with her body. 

Martial Peak 2005 

The chapter starts at the royal palace of the Frost and Snow clan, where Yang Kai is seen to be introducing himself under a false alias. His plan works, and he is seen to be admitted into the clan’s palace with utmost trust.

However, things go south pretty quickly as the clan leader seems too keen to keep Yang Kai in the palace. Catch up on Chapter 2005 here.


So it’s evident that chapter Martial Peak 2005 was filled with tension and twists. The narrative presented so far has been making people go crazy and hooked. There have not been enough words to describe this manga by the readers, so hurry if you were thinking of giving it a try. 

Meanwhile, have you have read chapter 2005? Let us know your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.

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