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Judge Luttig J Michael {June} Get Reason For The Hype!

People who are wondering about Judge Luttig J Michael and reactions on the same, this article will help you explore the details.

Are you drooling over the recent ending made by a conservative judge? What is this warning related to? Whom has the judge targeted at the end of the session? The chilling warning by Luttig is currently trending over the internet.

Michael Luttig is a judge from the United States. He has recently ended his court session on strange comments which are attracting the attention of people all over the world. Please read this article about Judge Luttig J Michael to know his related facts.

Reason for the Hype of Michael Luttig:

Luttig Michael is the retired Judge of the American Supreme Court. Before we go into further details for the session, we will first help you know the reason for the hype. This was related to a tweet by J. Michael Luttig where he said that the country’s vice president has no right to interfere or alter the results of elections. He added that the vice president only holds the responsibility to count the electoral votes according to their casting. The Constitution gives him this duty, and they cannot exceed or fall back from the same.

Judge J Michael Luttig Statement– Details:

This series of Twitter messages was posted on 6th January, before the capital’s attack. This was related to the dispute silently brewing between the vice president and the president. The judge, therefore, raised their voice for his opinions and mentioned the electoral rights of the vice president. He added in his Twitter thread that the constitution has no amendments where it has given the power to the vice president to alter the electorally cast votes. The individual can only help count the same and cannot reject or change any ballots.

Judge Luttig J Michael– Criticism Faced by the Judge:

This thread of Twitter messages by the retired supreme court judge was therefore not much appreciated by all the people. One of the individuals, Richard Cullen, mentioned that the judge had explored himself for the intervention with his messages. He also added that this commentary over Twitter was only for some specific interest criteria because the lawyer advising the vice president also once served as clerk.

Brief History of the Judge:

To help our readers with a clear and better clarity, this section will allow you the details of the judge’s brief history, explaining his rewards in his career. Before Judge J Michael Luttig Statementhe served with his lawyer’s role in the court of appeals and was nominated for the Supreme court due to a great essay.

Concluding Verdict:

To help you with the conclusions about the hype of the judge, this was due to his Twitter message thread that was gaining mass attention. This was connected to the vice president’s rights and that they cannot alter the electoral votes.

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