Inked Mag Contest Scam: Is the Magazine Cover Contest Legit? Check Here

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Is the Inked Mag Contest Scam? To know the complete details about this Contest going to be held in 2024, kindly read this article. 

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Inked Mag Contest Scam! 

What is the Inked Mag Contest? Why is this contest trending online? As this contest is trending online, many people want to know about the Inked Mag Contest Scam. We have noted the reactions of different people from different regions like the United States and other parts to aware the people about this content. You should go through the details on this website.

Learn About the Inked Mag Contest Scam!

As per our research, we learned that Inked Magazine Contest is an opportunity for the model who have tattoos on their body. However, many people on Twitter and Reddit suggested that it was a scam contest. People have warned others and requested people to stay away from this scam because they have been charging money and earning a lot and in turn they are paying $25,000 to the winner. Also, some suggested that people will ask for paid votes and it is a trap for innocent people. Thus, the views of the people on this contest are not good. 

Is the Inked Magazine Cover Contest Legit?

If you are searching for the details about the Inked Magazine Contest cover girl, then you should only trust this contest if you find this website legit and if there are positive reactions to this contest. 

  • Registration Details: The website, Inked Contest Cover was registered on August 12, 2004. It is a twenty years old website having a good lifespan.
  • Reactions By People: Many people on Reddit, Twitter, and other sites have been suggesting that it is a scam contest. 
  • Registrar: Squarespace Domains II LLC is the registrar of the Inked Magazine Contest. 
  • Trust score: It has a 100/100 score.

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What is Inked Magazine Contest 2024

In this contest, models whose bodies are tattooed can participate. It is an opportunity to get featured on the cover page of the magazine. Besides this, the participant will get the chance to fly to a beautiful place, the Bahamas for the photoshoot and she will also get $25,000. Moreover, a tattoo session is being promised with Ryan Ashley. Anyone can avail of this opportunity by registering for this contest and getting the chance to be featured on the cover page of Inked Magazine and become the next model for the Inked Magazine Contest 2024

What is Inked Magazine Contest 2024

How much will the winner earn? 

The winner is promised $25,000. The winner gets the chance to visit the Bahamas in a private jet where the photoshoot will be done. Also, it is a good chance to meet the first female winner of the Ink Master television show and have a tattoo session with her. 

Moreover, the views of many people are different on this contest as they have suggested that it is a scam and people should not fall for it. The organizers are making million-dollar money and paying a small amount. You should consider Is the Inked Magazine Cover Contest Legit before applying for this contest. 


Summing up this research, we have scrutinized the facts on the legitimacy of the website and learned that this website is twenty years old and has a good trust score of 100 percent, but the reviews are not good. You should research well before applying for the Ink Mag Contest

What are your views on the Inked Mag Contest Scam? Kindly comment below.

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