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Idosa Com Feto Calcificado: Trending Stone Baby Related Case

Discover riveting tale of Huang Yijun and her 61-year journey with a Stone Baby trending as Idosa Com Feto Calcificado, captivating millions worldwide.

The information search about Idosa com Descobre Feto Calcificado in Brazil spiked up with Instagram account – @Morbidful (Morbid Knowledge) discussing a case of Stone Baby from 2009. His post from 13th/March/2024 at 5:31 PM gained 1.2M Views, 268 comments, 6.4k likes, 1.3k bookmarks, and 500 shares. 

Social media buzz explodes over a chilling tale of Idosa com Descobre Feto Calcificado found in a Chinese woman, sparking intrigue and discussion.

About Idosa com Feto Calcificado:

Huang Yijun, a 31-year-old Chinese woman in 1948, learned she had an ectopic pregnancy, with fetus growing in her abdomen.

Due to financial constraints, Huang couldn’t afford surgery to remove pregnancy, so she left it untreated. In such pregnancies, fetus can be absorbed or form calcium deposits, resulting in a Lithopedion or Stone Baby.

Huang’s Stone Baby developed over 61 years until its removal in 2009 when she was 92 years old. Despite doctors informing her of fetus’s demise in 1948, Huang lacked funds for its removal and opted to ignore it.

At 92 years Idosa Descobre Feto Calcificado, Huang delivered Lithopedion. Though not alive, Lithopedion remained inside her for decades, a rare occurrence of failed pregnancy leading to fetal calcification.

Huang’s case is not singular. More than 300 cases of Stone Baby were reported, including one more case from China from year 1950 related to an elderly woman carrying Stone Baby since her 30 years of age. 

However, comments from social media posts indicate that netizens assumed the case of Huang Yijun was a recent incident and curiously started searching for information about the lady. Further, as many netizens were unaware of Stone Baby Phenomena, they were shocked to know how the lady could carried baby for over 50 years and if such cases existed.

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About Idosa Descobre Feto Calcificado and Stone Baby:

Lithopedions originate from ectopic pregnancies, where fertilized egg implants outside uterus. Mostly in fallopian tubes, occasionally in abdominal cavities like the bowel or ovary.

Doctors often advise termination due to high risk or the fetus dies from lack of blood supply. Most ectopic pregnancies end early. In rare cases, the fetus develops extensively before death. Unabsorbable, it calcifies, shielding the body from infection.

Lithopedions, sometimes weighing up to nine pounds, can cause health issues. They include intestinal obstruction, abscess, delivery problems, and fertility issues. Lithopedion, Greek for “stone child,” occurs from 14 weeks gestation to full term. Often discovered late, it affects women mainly in their fifties, with cases even at 100 years old.

Idosa com Feto Calcificado and Related Cases:

Stone babies, rare but well-known in literature, can endure for decades. Huang Yijun, for instance, carried one for over 50 years. Symptoms of early pregnancy may vanish, unnoticed by some women. Others, especially where medical care is limited, suffer complications later.

There are only 300 known Lithopedion cases in 400 years of medical history. Abdominal pregnancies, occurring in 1 in 11,000 pregnancies, rarely result in Lithopedions, just 1.5 to 1.8 percent.

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Calcified unborn fetus
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Trending Stone Baby on Social Media:

@Morbidful post was shared on @MrNickiDoja and @fopminui (Mr. Commonsense) on the same day between 5:48 PM and 9:02 PM, followed by thousands of netizens. Idosa com Feto Calcificado trended on Reddit, with @Lady-Zafira sharing the information on @r/childfree on 20th/March/2024 at approximately 8 PM. Reddit post attracted 110 votes and 20 comments. 

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