High-rise Invasion Characters (Feb) Get The Insights!

High-rise Invasion Characters 2021

High-rise Invasion Characters (Feb) Get The Insights! >> Read this news article to learn about the characters of a top-rated Manga comic series.

Do you love reading Manga comics? These comics enjoy a great fan following in the United States and many other countries around the world.

Let us discover through the following article that talks about the plot and High-Rise Invasion Characters.

One of the great offerings in the Manga series is High-Rise Invasion, a suspense thriller penned by Ajin, Tsuina Moira. The illustrations are by Takahiro Oba.

Are you curious to know what makes this Manga series so interesting? 

What is a High-Rise Invasion?

High-Rise Invasion is an action-packed mystery with some elements of horror. 

In this Manga, a girl witnesses an eerie scene on the roof of a skyscraper. She watches a disguised figure crack-open a man’s head with an ax.

There is no surprise that the High-Rise Invasion Characters are also a huge rage among the Manga admirers. Before exploring these characters, let’s learn some facts about this comic series.

This hair-raising scene leads to a weird set of events in Yuri’s life. She finds herself amidst a bizarre world of high-rise buildings with only two choices for escape- attack the masked figures or jump to her death!

High-Rise Invasion is also available in a 21-volume serialized form in DeNA’s Manga Box app.

Quick facts about High-Rise Invasion:

  • Author- Tsuina Moira.
  • Illustrator- Takahiro Oba.
  • Publisher- Kodansha in Japan, Seven Seas Entertainment in North America.
  • Genre- Mystery, Horror, Action.
  • Volumes- 21

The High-Rise Invasion Characters:

  • Sniper Mask- Sniper Mask starts from being the Masks agent to an attacker who tries to kill Yuri, and finally as a close ally whom Yuri trusts and respects. It is one of those Invasion Charactersthat undergoes a lot of transformations. 
  • Yuri Honjo- The main protagonist of this series, Yuri, is a young and slender girl who dons her school uniform and olive boots. She picks these boots from the dead body by Mayuko Nise. Sniper Mask describes her school uniform as a naval uniform.
  • Rika Honjo- He is the brother of Yuri Honjo. Rika and Yuri Honjo enjoy a close bond even though she discovers that he is her half-brother. He is also one of the most significant characters amongst High-Rise Invasion Characters.
  • Mayuko Nise- This character murders many humans in the helicopter building, and Yuri witnesses all this. Still, Yuri saves Mayuko Nise from Sniper Mask. Nise becomes her close friend and protector throughout the series.
  • Kuon Shinzaki- Kuon is the companion of Sniper Mask. She is innocent, delicate, humble, and naive.

Final Verdict:

High-Rise Invasion is an engrossing Manga with an exciting plot and equally interesting characters.

Its larger-than-life characters keep the story flowing and add to the twist of the storyline.

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about the main protagonists of this Manga.

If you have any more information to add to the High-Rise Invasion Characters, please post here.

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