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Hdhub4u Nit.com exhibits the true nature of the online streaming website along with its legitimacy score results and their services. 

Are you a person who is a great fan of all types of films? Do you know some websites release all the recent films without getting a proper license? India is a country that attracts global audiences with its soft power. Films are one of its most popular soft powers.

But some of the websites destroy film technicians’ work by illegally releasing it. Here in this article, we will discuss such sites as Hdhub4u Nit.com

About the website

Hdhub4u is an Indian website, and it is trending among film lovers because it helps the people to watch recent releases in HD quality. But they are streaming pirated versions of Hollywood, Bollywood, and South Indian films. The government has repeatedly banned their domain names, but they release the films under different domain names. 

Currently, their domain name is “Hdhub4u app,” and the”.com” domain owns the website. However, this website damages the lives of people in the film industry by consuming their profits. It also has a disadvantage. People cannot complain about their services.

Hdhub4u Nit.com

This website releases pirated versions, so it comes under illegal websites. And we request that our readers to watch the latest releases from authentic sites. So let us analyze the legitimacy of the website. Then we can get the true nature of the website.

  • The domain was registered on July 30, 2022, and is only one month old.
  • The domain will expire on July 30, 2023.
  • Trust score :1%
  • Owner of the domain is hidden.
  • The registrar is Namecheap. Inc.
  • Alexa ranking is unavailable.
  • SEO score 51

This website doesn’t seem legit because of its poor technical parameters scores.

More details

The Hdhub4u Nit.com website also releases dubbed versions of Hollywood films. Currently, they are also streaming the latest series in many languages. People can watch the films by simply selecting them from the homepage, and they have to press the “play now” button, then the film will start streaming in their respective browsers.

But according to the copyright acts of India, it is a punishable offense to sell or stream films without getting a proper license, so the website is doing an illegal activity by infringing copyrights. But people should support their favorite stars by watching their projects from authentic sources.


Hdhub4u Nit.com website also allows people to save the latest films on their respective devices. They have even started their services on one of the well-known online messaging apps, where they will send the film link directly. 

And users can get the full benefits by creating an account on the website. They can enjoy in unlimited services. But sometimes, the IP address gets banned for saving the films because there won’t be any legal right to perform the activity.


People who enjoy films will enjoy the moments with authentic online streaming sources. But some similar websites like Hdhub4u Nit.com provide pirated versions of recent films. But we ask our readers to avoid such websites. 

It is not a punishable offense to see pirated versions, but it erodes the hard work of filmmakers and technicians. Support your shining stars by watching only on legit sources. For more information

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