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Halo Capsule vs Dyson [Dec 2020] Legit One or Not?

Halo Capsule vs Dyson [Dec] Legit One or Not? -> Wants to know the better vacuum cleaner that works well and is cost-effective? Have a look at the content.

If you are looking for the vacuum cleaner but are confused about it? So let’s check out the details of Halo Capsule and Dyson. In today’s content, we will compare the Halo Capsule vs Dyson to know which vacuum cleaner is the best and what are the specific features that both of them possess. We will also explore the reviews of the customers about the product, which have been shared by the people online.

Moreover, the most common question that people ask that whether both vacuum cleaners are legit or not will be answered. So, stay tuned to get your answers.

What are Halo Capsule and Dyson?

Halo Capsule

It is a lightweight cordless stick vacuum cleaner. It has a 1.6 L capacity for clearing dirt. It uses carbon fiber, due to which the weight of this vacuum cleaner is light, and one feels comfortable in handling it. Having the highly efficient battery of lithium-ion, this vacuum cleaner can run up to 60 minutes so that one can complete their household work efficiently.


Dyson vacuum cleaner has powerful suction, which has the capability of removing even the smallest dust particle and harmful allergens so that your house remains dirt-free. It can capture 99.7% of microscopic dust particles. It has two heads. One is a direct head cleaner, and the other is the soft roller.

Getting details of the two cleaners, you might be thinking Halo Capsule vs Dyson, which will be the best choice. So, let’s check some specific information about the two.

Specifications of Halo Capsule and Dyson

Features Halo Capsule  Dyson
Capacilty 1.6 l 0.76 l
Charging Time 3 hours 4.5 hours
Runnig Time 60 minutes 60 minutes
Weight 2.6 kg 3.05 kg
Dimension 124 cm X 13 cm X 14 cm 128.6 cm X 26.1 cm X 25 cm 
Cost Rs. 75,769 Rs. 52,900


Halo Capsule

  • This vacuum cleaner is light in weight.
  • It has a 1.6l capacity of the compostable paper bag.
  • The vacuum cleaner has a high-performance lithium-ion battery.


  • It has 185 air watts of powerful suction.
  • Able to capture 99.7% of dust particles.
  • It has a high torque cleaner head for cleaning the floor.


Halo Capsule

  • It is quite expensive.
  • The brush power of this vacuum cleaner is not good enough.


  • It works a long time to get fully charged.
  • Its capacity is also low.

Are Halo Capsule and Dyson legit?

Since we are having the comparison between Halo Capsule vs Dyson, but it is essential to know whether both vacuum cleaners are legit or not?

Halo Capsule is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that has its social media presence. With more than 2000 followers and a well-maintained Facebook page, this product has received lots of love from the customers. Moreover, people have shared their reviews online, and this cleaner has received 4.1 stars.

Dyson is also a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, which is active on social media with 40.5 K followers on instagram. Moreover, the Facebook page is also available. Lots of people have shared their reviews after using this vacuum cleaner. It has received 4.4 stars.

So, based on all the facts discussed above, we can say that both these vacuum cleaners are legit. So, Halo Capsule vs Dyson are both trustworthy products.

What are people saying about Halo Capsule and Dyson?

Halo Capsule has received both positive as well as negative reviews from the customers. People are satisfied by the battery of the cleaner as well as its lightweight made their cleaning easy.

Dyson has received positive reviews from the customers. People love its suction power, and some of them have rated this product with five stars.

Conclusion: Halo Capsule vs Dyson

So, considering all the discussions done about both vacuum cleaners, I believe Dyson to be the better vacuum cleaner than Halo capsule as it has excellent suction power. It is getting 4.4 stars; this vacuum cleaner has received positive reviews from the customers. Moreover, its cost price is less as compared to halo capsules. The brush power of Dyson is 150%, whereas halo capsule brush power is not good enough. 

So, Halo Capsule vs Dyson– With all the advantageous features, I suggest you go for a Dyson vacuum cleaner. By the way, what are your views regarding these two vacuum cleaners? Do let us know in the comments.

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