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Easy Anti Cheat Compromised: Hacking Details From Twitter And Reddit

Is it true that Easy Anti Cheat Compromised? Please read the article for all the details.

The finals of the North American Apex Legends Global have been postponed. The game was hacked during two matches. Thus, Easy Anti Cheat is in question. Players from the United States, Canada, Finland, the United Kingdom, and Australia want to know everything.     

Easy Anti-Cheat Twitter

After the hacking incident happened in the Apex Legends Global final, the company stated that the company had been under fire due to the hacked matches. 

In the middle of the match, the system was hacked against two players. The third and fourth match of the day suffered. In the third match, a player was disqualified, resulting in a hack. And in the fourth match, the play was abandoned entirely. 

After this, the whole final was postponed. Players are not happy with the current situation. Thus, they started to question the Easy Anti-Cheat’s services. 

However, after the incident, Easy Anti-Cheat took it to Twitter and cleared out the air. They have denied any vulnerability in their REC. 

However, the question still stands, ‘How did the players were hacked during the match?’ It also raises concerns over the safety and security programmes. At the same time, Easy Anti-Cheat has not taken up any responsibility.

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Easy Anti-Cheat Reddit      

This is the topic of discussion on Reddit and other social media platforms. People are trying to understand the reason behind the hack. 

Apex Legends Global final of North America was the most awaited thing. However, the hacking incident has ruined everything. It is a very famous e-sports series. Every year, players eagerly wait for this competition. 

The tweet of Easy Anti-Cheat has confidently said that their REC is not vulnerable. It is intact, and there is no space for any breach. 

They have tweeted for the first time in years. And people are also making fun of the company on the Reddit platform. They provide anti-cheat services in the gaming industry.

Details About Apex Legends Global Series 

It is also popularly known as ALGS. The series was launched in 2019. The first edition of the series was held in the years 2020-2021. 

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have launched the series. The series can be played globally. The current champion is Team SoloMid. 

The matches are held in phases according to the regions and segments. A total of twenty-two events are held over four stages.  

Season 2023-2024 is the third edition of the series. The prize pool of the game is big. The game’s matches are divided into five segments through regions. 

The five region segments are South America (SA), North America (NA), Asia-Pacific South (APAC South), Asia-Pacific North (APAC North) and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). 

Region segmentation has been introduced after some time. After the pandemic hit and the first edition’s matches were postponed, region segmentation came into existence.

Has Easy Anti-Cheat Been Compromised?

Whereas a volunteer group known as the Anit-Cheat Police Department investigated the incident. They have revealed that the Remote code execution was indeed breached. 

However, the sources of the breach are not known. It is not clear whether the breach was from the game or the anti-cheat software. These types of statements are leaving the player baffled. 

The Easy Anti-Cheat services have issued a statement that their REC is working correctly. Then what could be the actual reason behind the hack? 

This is not the first time that Remote Execution Code has been exploited. It has happened before a lot of times in different games.

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