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Creamsicle Journeyman Rushmore: Check How To Play Connection Game

We have researched the details on Creamsicle Journeyman Rushmore and given the right answer for today’s Connections Game. Please read it here.

The latest updates on the word game, Connections have been searched by many people as the players are looking for the answer to the recent Connections game Worldwide. The solution for the March 20, 2024 game has been discussed in this post.

About Creamsicle Journeyman Rushmore! 

As per the online research, the recent solution for the Connections game which is organized by the New York Times was quite tricky for the players. The set of 16 words given to the players was confusing for some players. 

The words given for the March 20 Connections game were: Rushmore, Jumbotron, Parmesan, Venetian, Creamsicle, Journeyman, Fujifilm, Kisscam, Astroturf, Olympus, Hasselblad, Scoreboard, Bolognese, Skybox, Polaroid, and Neopolitan. 

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These words need to be arranged in a group of four that belong to the same theme. Here we have shared the answer to the Creamsicle Journeyman Rushmore words. 

  • Camera Brands
  • Starting with Rock Bands
  • Seen at Sports Stadium
  • Italian Demonyms

These were the four groups in which the words had to be grouped. Jumbotron was to be placed in the third column mentioned above while the words Creamsicle and Rushmore were to be placed in the second column. 

How to play Connections Game? 

Connection game is word-based puzzle game organized by the New York Times which also organizes the Wordle game. Just like Wordle, the Connections game also acquired a trending position.

In this game, you will be given a set of 16 words. One needs to arrange the words according to their themes. A group of four words has to be arranged in a single theme. 

You need to arrange the words correctly. The columns are given in different colors like Yellow, blue, green, and purple. The meaning of each column is different. 

How to play Connections Game
How to play Connections Game

What does the color column mean? 

In this game, there are different levels and each level is determined by the colors. You can identify the level of the game by identifying the color pattern. Some clues for today’s connections game based on the color pattern are given here: 

  • Yellow: It is the easiest and linked to organized athletics.
  • Green: It is easy and linked to the thinking of shooting photos.
  • Blue: It is medium level and linked to the people of some European countries.
  • Purple: It is the hardest. It is linked to the names belonging to the big music groups.

Some Hints to Solve March 20, 2024 Connections! 

We have mentioned some clues about today’s Connections game in this post. Moreover, some people who cannot solve the connections of Creamsicle Journeyman Rushmore can use the hint mentioned in this section. 

  • Hint Number 1: The term ‘Kisscam’ has no links with the Yellow Group.
  • Hint Number 2: The terms ‘Rushmore’ and ‘Journeyman’ belong to a similar group. 

We hope that these hints shared in today’s post will be helpful for the players and now they can solve this riddle easily. Even if you cannot solve the riddle, then you can check the answers from this post. 

Inference from the Connections Game! 

We have solved the query related to the three terms, Creamsicle, Journeyman, and Rushmore. The placement of these terms has been discussed in this post. 

Moreover, many people have been playing this game interestingly. You can become a champion in this game if you are playing it regularly. The Connection game is acquiring good publicity like the Wordle game. 

We will come up with more solutions if demanded by the players in future games. 

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