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Cosmos Persona Personality Quiz: Check If Test Link Available On Github

The post details the Cosmos Persona Personality Quiz and the Test Link available on Github. Read to know more

Cosmos Personality Test has recently grabbed Worldwide attention through its results when taking the quiz. The personality quiz has taken the internet by storm, and people are trying this quiz to learn about their stars.

The recent surge in the personality test has kept people engrossed, and the results are fantastic. The quiz is based on every universe element, such as nebula, galaxy UFO, and others. 

The quiz report depends on the answers provided by people about their thoughts based on five statements that are asked in the quiz. Through this, you may also discover your primary strengths and weaknesses and who you are attracted to. 

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Cosmos Persona Personality Quiz

The Cosmos Personality Quiz was developed by Izon Falzo and was taken from the MBTI personality test. People interested in taking this quiz and knowing their relevant answers can visit the website. 

Once you enter the website, you will find 12 simple questions and two choiceson the screen. The first question will be about the person going home after a long day and coming across aliens. 

The question will be based on how a person would react to finding an alien on their way home and their reaction to coming across certain obstacles. One by one, you will come across all the 12 questions. 

At the end of your quiz, the results will be accessed, and you will learn about your personality type according to a specific star and discover your personality. You can also share results on social media platforms.

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Cosmos Persona Test Link

People eager to try the Cosmos personality test can visit the website by simply entering the Cosmos Persona Quiz, which will drag them to the official website where the game is played. 

As soon as you enter a website, you will find a small area where questions reflect on the screen individually as soon as you press start. The questions are based on everyday life and the obstacles that you face unexpectedly. 

The personality quiz is based on a scenario while traveling on a bus and suddenly coming across a tunnel. Thanks start to float, and some options are given for what the person would do or think in a specific situation. 

Cosmos Persona Test Github

People are curious to know the details of the Cosmos Persona quiz as it has gained massive attention from people online and has become a viral trend on social media platforms. One can find out their personality through the Cosmos Persona test.

Those needing access to the platform can browse on their smartphone and personal computers. Visit the Cosmos Persona link on Git Hub and start the test directly.

Cosmos Persona Test Github
Cosmos Persona Test Github


The responses are based on people’s answers using their action preferences given in a specific situation. You need to answer all the 12 questions that come up on your screen. 

People will get a self-character assessment after they have answered all the questions, and the results will be portrayed in the form of images that can be shared on social media handles. 

Accuracy of Cosmos Quiz

There has yet to be an authentic statement regarding the accuracy of the Cosmos personality quiz, but it has gathered attention and is a fun game to play.

Moreover, these personality tests have come up in the past year, and we have found people highly interested in their character through these personality tests. 

The Cosmos quiz is only used as entertainment, and one should not take these results seriously. People interested in playing the game and knowing their cosmic personality can visit the link on various online websites. 

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