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This article on Chard Wordle was written to give you a brief description of #440 Wordle. Read to know more.

Are you eager to know about today’s wordle? Do you play wordle as well? Are you stuck on today’s wordle? Are you looking for some hints and clues? If yes, you have ended up at the right place. Players from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and India are desperate to know about some hints. We will help you find out the correct answer to wordle #440. If you want to know what Chard Wordle means read the entire article further. 

What is Chard? 

Wordle comes up with news puzzles every day and all the players are prepared to guess the answer. Whereas it is not very easy so they require some hints and here we are with some of them. Today’s answer begins with C and ends with M. It is a five-letter word. Various other words can be used as suggestions such as chasm, choom, chirm, cloam, cream, chism etc. Are you ready to know the correct answer? So the answer is CHARM. For further information on Chard Wordle read below. 

What is Wordle? 

Wordle is a fun yet popular game which gained a lot of popularity among people within a year. It is a five-letter word game. It was created by engineer Josh Wardle. Josh created this game for his personal use but later his entire family started to gain interest in the game, soon New York Times bought wordle from him. Since then this game has become popular. There are many other substitutes created by the fans such as Dordle, Heardle, Quordle etc.

More about Chard Wordle  

Chard was a hint given to the players. Every day there are new answers and new hints for the players. What does Chard mean? Chard is a beet of variety with edible white leaf stalks and green blades. Whereas, the answer for today was CHARM. What does Charm mean? Charm is the power or quality of delighting. We don’t know how to play Wordle read below. 

How to play Wordle? 

Thousands of people play Wordle globally in today’s time. It is widely spread across the world. Some players have managed to guess the right word for today through Chard Wordle. How to play Wordle? Wordle is relatively easy to play. You can only play one puzzle in a day and you get six chances to guess the answer. When you place the right answer at the wrong place it turns yellow. The letter will turn green when the right letter is placed and the wrong letter turns grey. 


Wordle is very lenient and fun. You can play wordle on your cell phone. It has turned out to be very beneficial for our vocabulary hence, it can be recommended to children. Wordle is available in various languages such as Spanish, and English, Italian so players can easily play wordle all over the world. Chard Wordle helped the players to assume the right answer. It has become a part of the daily routine of many people. To know more, click on this link.

Do you play Wordle as well? If yes, share your views on it below. 

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