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Boeing Whistleblower Dead Reddit: What Happened With John Barnett? Murdered Case

In this post, we have discovered all the details related to Boeing Whistleblower Dead Reddit and more information about safety issues.

John Barnett, who worked for 30 years at Boeing, was discovered dead in his car in South Carolina. Before his retirement in 2017, he had raised concerns about safety at Boeing. This news is trending on Reddit Worldwide.

On Saturday, John Barnett, 62, was scheduled to respond to questions regarding a lawsuit against his previous company. However, he skipped the meeting. When his lawyers could not get through to him, they made a call to the hotel he was staying at. Sadly, they discovered him dead in the hotel parking lot in his car. 

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The Boeing Whistleblower Dead Reddit

To find the reason behind his sudden passing, authorities investigate Barnett’s involvement in revealing alleged safety flaws within Boeing Aerospace.

According to the coroner’s office, he injured himself. The police are investigating the incident. Barnett was in Charleston to talk about his Boeing lawsuit. He said that Boeing had fined him because he had revealed safety concerns about their facilities.

The Boeing Whistleblower Dead Reddit
The Boeing Whistleblower Dead Reddit

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Barnett spent considerable time discussing issues at Boeing in court before his passing. Boeing expressed sadness over his passing and sympathy for his family.

After Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead

It looked like he hurt himself. But his friend Jennifer claims he told her he would not die since he did not want to. She spoke with a local news station about it. Barnett was supposed to address Boeing at a legal conference in Charleston. The coroner claims that an investigation is in progress. Authorities think Barnett committed suicide. 

His family claimed that although difficult, he battled them daily to have them act morally. His doctor said he was so stressed out that he could have a heart attack. According to his relatives, Barnett was an extraordinarily caring and fun-loving person. 

Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead
Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead

Boeing Whistleblower Murdered: What Happened Earlier?

Barnett told the BBC in 2019 that tests revealed the planes’ four oxygen systems were malfunctioning, but no action was taken. From January, when a door on a 737 Max 9 aircraft broke off, Boeing has been under intense scrutiny. According to a survey, personnel most likely should have replaced the bolts after repairs.

Barnett also reported the issues to his Boeing superiors, but nothing was done about them. Boeing claimed to have done nothing improper, but subsequently, the FAA discovered that part of Barnett’s claims had been confirmed. Despite retiring due to health concerns, Barnett persisted in fighting Boeing.

Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead: After 2019

Barnett notified the authorities and the media about this in 2019. Since two planes crashed in 2018 and 2019, resulting in the deaths of 346 people, Boeing has significant safety concerns.

Another horrifying incident occurred when a Boeing 787 plane had technical issues flying from Sydney to Auckland. Many people were hurt.

 When the FAA checked, it found that Boeing and another manufacturer had violated the rules. After looking into it, the FAA discovered that Boeing needed to meet manufacturing quality standards.

Barnett enjoyed his job until he witnessed managers in Charleston forcing employees to ignore safety procedures. Since making notes about errors slowed them considerably.

John Barnett, a 30-year Boeing employee, was found dead in his automobile in South Carolina. Before he retired in 2017, Boeing Whistleblower Dead Reddit had voiced his concern about Boeing’s safety. The coroner’s office claims that he hurt himself. 

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