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Ariel Henry Arrested: Where Is He Now? Details On Wife & Biography

We have researched Ariel Henry Arrested so that the readers can know about the ongoing situation in the country. Kindly read the post to know everything.

The recent updates on Haiti and the attacks on the nation by the gangs have compelled everyone to know what is Ariel Henry doing right now. The updates have started trending in the United States and Canada. 

Was Ariel Henry Arrested? 

Ariel Henry is the Haitian acting Prime Minister and President since July 2021 after former President Jovenel Moises. Moreover, the disturbance caused by the gangs in the nation has made this acting PM visit Kenya to hire police personnel for Haiti. 

However, he was unable to return from the country as the gangs stopped him and his plane could not land in the airport. The gang had prevented his entry into the country and they had freed many prisoners.

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As per sources, Ariel Henry was not arrested rather he resigned from his post after this gang insurrection. He is currently in Puerto Rico. 

Where Is Ariel Henry Now? 

As per online sources, Ariel Henry was the acting PM and President of Haiti. He had traveled to Kenya to agree to get police personnel to control the situation in the country. However, he could not come back after he visited there. 

His entry was stopped and as a result, he could not make efforts to prevent gang insurrection in the country. He is currently in Puerto Rico and it is unknown if he will be able to come back or not. 

The situation in the country will worsen if not controlled in time. The ambulance has taken around 12 bodies from the capital city, Port-au-Prince. 

Ariel Henry Wife! 

Annie Claude Massiau is the wife of Ariel Henry. He was born to Elie S Henry. His father was the 7th Day Adventist elder of the Church and the pastor. His father passed away on December 20, 2015.

His siblings were Edlyne Henry Richard, Monique Henry, Elvire Henry, and Elie Henry. There is detail about his children. Also, we could not find detailed information about his family as the details about his mother remain unknown. 

We do not know when the details will be available but we must wait for the official sites to publish all the relevant details about him. 

Ariel Henry Wife
Ariel Henry Wife

Ariel Henry Biography

Ariel Henry was born on November 6, 1949. He is currently 74 years old. He has completed his education at the University of Montpellier and Loma Linda University. 

He is a Haitian politician and neurosurgeon. After the previous President was assassinated, he took charge of his hand and became the acting PM and President of the nation in July 2021. 

Besides this, he has been serving as the acting minister for the Territorial and Interior communities since November 2022. The recent updates on him have compelled everyone to know more about this leader. 

Moreover, it is unknown what turn will be taken in Haiti as this leader has been stopped from entering the nation. 

Inference from Ariel Henry! 

Ariel Henry took charge of the nation when the nation needed someone to handle the situation in the country. He has been making a lot of effort to control the situation. 

It is unknown what the gang wants from the government of Henry and what they want to do with the nation or what are their demands from the leader.

We must wait for the upcoming updates on this matter and understand the situation in Haiti. The current situation in the nation makes it unfit to be traveled by outsiders.

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