Shot At a Million Louisiana Com (June) Read Details!

Shot At a Million Louisiana Com 2021

Shot At a Million Louisiana Com (June) Read Details! >> Want to win $1 million? This entire post is for all who have taken the first dose of the Covid vaccine. Read on.

Good news for Louisianans! Today Louisianans vaccinated lottery opens, and one lucky winner could win $1 million along with 13 exciting prizes in the Shot at a million vaccine lottery. 

However, the coronavirus pandemic has ruined millions of United States lives and even businesses. But the year 2021 came with little hope because of many vaccines available for everyone. So, folks get vaccinated and stay safe. 

In addition, the trend of Shot At a Million Louisiana Com has changed the way to get vaccinated.  

Do you want to take part in this lottery? Read ahead to know the complete details!

About Louisiana’s vaccine lottery

Today is the biggest day for Louisiana’s, as they have a chance to sign up for the COVID vaccine lottery system, where they could win $1 million. All United States residents are invited to participate in this program and become eligible to win the prize.

Louisiana’s health department will select the winner by verifying details of participants who have received their COVID-19 vaccination. At the time of registration at Shot At a Million Louisiana,one would need o access all his vaccination documents as per the lottery instructions and the website.  The prize money will be funded by the state’s federal coronavirus relief aid. So, register today!

Who is eligible to get register at Shot at a million?

  • The participant should be a citizen of Louisiana who has taken at least one dose of COVID vaccination.
  • The candidate must have age 18 or above to win the grand prize and one of four $100,000 prizes.
  • The candidates who have taken the first dose and are between 12-17 age can enter to win a scholarship up to $100,000.
  • Louisianan’s are eligible who have vaccinated at least with one dose before the drawing date.

How to register at Shot At A Million Louisiana Com?

Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Ensure you have taken the first dose of COVID vaccination, as they will ask you to submit the credentials.
  3. Fill the registration form and submit it.
  4. If you don’t have internet access, then call the toll free number- 877-356-1511

What are the schedules of Drawings?

Louisiana will have four weekly drawings in which one for scholarship and another cash prize. The final award of winner Shot At A Million Louisiana 2021 will be awarded $1 million cash and five $100,000 scholarships. 

In total, the winning amount is $2.3 million that will take from Covid relief aid. Check the following drawings.

  • July 14 drawing- one must enter by July 9
  • July 21 drawing- one must enter by July 16
  • July 28 drawing- one must enter by July 23
  • August 4 drawing- one must enter by July 31

The Bottom Line

Go and get register Shot At A Million Louisiana Com and you can visit here for more details for vaccination for Louisianans The winners will be announced after two days when the judges confirmed the entrant’s vaccination reports. However, the Grand prize of $1 million will be announced on August 4, 2021. 

So, have you taken Covid vaccination? Are you eligible for the Covid vaccination lottery? Drop your answers in the comment box. 

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