Scam or Legit: Guided Reviews To Know the Legitimacy! Scam or Legit Online Website Reviews Scam or Legit? In order to know the answer to this question and read Reviews about this website, kindly read this article.

Are you guys getting tired of attending telemarketing calls or banking calls? Do you want to get rid of those calls with a simple click?

Then, the newly merged from the United States is a one-stop solution. But his website has received lots of criticism and bad reviews from many people, so in this article; we will explain the Scam or Legit analysis in a detailed manner, so please pay more attention to each word of it.

Examining the Scam or Legit allegation is a website that helps people remove their phone numbers from all telemarketing, job portals, banking, and advertisement portals to avoid all such telemarketing calls. The objective of creating this website has attracted many people, but its functionality and reviews tell us that this website is a scam. 

Because Removemeplease site, scam people by making random calls, threatening them by quoting imaginary situations, and asking them to use this website. So, it is a scam to steal money and data from people. Reviews

Reviews of this website are being seen on Reddit, where many people have complained about the Removemeplease website. Because this website team is making two calls. In the first call, the team scares the people about any loans, debts, stolen data, job losses, etc., creating a sense of panic. 

In the second call, they will urge the people to use their website to set things right. Hence, Reviews show that this website asks people to enter their data, then plans to steal and sell the personal data to some other third party, or else they make the people click any suspicious link and steal their hard-earned money.

A legitimacy check of the website

In this section, we will analyse the technical parameters of the website to know its true nature.

  • Domain creation date: May 1, 2019
  • Domain expiry date: May 1, 2024
  • Age of the domain: 5 years as of 2024
  • Scam or Legit: According to the reviews and analyses, this website is a scam.
  • Specifications of the website: Currently, it is not working, so we couldn’t enter the site to learn about its specifications. But this is a significant negative attribute for any website because a legit website works smoothly under all conditions.
  • Trust score: 55/100
  • HTTPS detection: The website doesn’t guard itself with an HTTPS connection, showing that the site’s data security is very poor.
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites: 9/100


  • The age of the domain is about five years.
  • It has a decent trust score.


  • Reviews are negative, and people are quoting this site as a scam.
  • The website is not working properly.
  • No HTTPS links are detected in this website. 


The Removemeplease website is suspicious and a scam that fools people with its claims of totally removing their contacts from all type of telemarketing databases. Readers can also learn about PayPal scams which is happening around them. 


Hence, we have thoroughly explained the true face of the website. This website lacks professionalism, and they torture people by making random calls to make them visit their websites. So, the answer to the question Scam or Legit is a scam. Readers can get knowledge about this credit card related scams here. Also watch

Have you used this website before to avoid telemarketing calls? Comment on it.

Disclaimer: The article shares information about a scam website, and we urge our readers to stay cautious around this website.

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