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This essay on Pata Seca Slave Story aims to educate readers on the life of a long-lived enslaved man with a large family.

Was Pata Seca having a family of over 200? Was he older than a century? Such are all inquiries from Pata Seca’s followers in the United States and other countries interested in learning about the individual who existed for a considerable time.  

As reports of Pata Seca’s story for over 100 years are trending on various social media platforms, many have become eager to discover how young he was during his passing. To find out more concerning Pata Seca Slave Story, read on.

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  What is the story of Pata Seca?

The extended community of Pata Seca’s family struggles to preserve their past and that of numerous others. A 130-year-old enslaved man named Pata Seca produced approximately 249 children. 

The great-great-grandkids and great-grandchildren of Pata Seca are intrigued to discover additional details concerning what happened as their forefathers were still living in the Santa Eudóxia neighborhood. They wish to make sure that this story is preserved.

Pata Seca History:

It is widely believed that Pata Seca was a breeder, an enslaved man who produced over 200 children throughout his 130-year lifespan. When buying Pata Seca at Sorocaba, the Viscount of Cunha Bueno granted him his initials and last name. The people of Santa Eudoxia still remember him.

It is unclear what time Pata Seca was born, the zodiac sign he was born under, and other important information. He was also a resident of Brazil.  According to the documentation, the proprietor of the plantation chose Pata Seca to fill the role of breeder position, which involved reproducing enslaved females to create extra inmates.

Additional details of Pasta Seca Sklave:

Born in Sorocaba in 1828, Roque Jose Florencio, popularly known as Pata Seca, was brought up there. However, neither his parents’ names nor his mother’s are given in the publication’s reportage; neither is there a single detail provided concerning Pata Seca.

The records state that Pata Seca was seized from a farm in the Santa Eudóxia neighborhood at 12 years old and brought to Sao Carlos. No records are available about his family members or siblings.

Pata Seca Real life:

The records show that Pata Seca wedded and had a wife titled Palmira. However, not much information is known regarding Pata Seca’s marriage. Pata had nine children in his marriage, but none seem alive. Many of his heirs, including grandchildren, remain alive.

Quick Wikipedia:

  • Name- Roque Jose Florencio
  • Popularly called- Pata Seca
  • Profession- Enslaved person
  • Birthplace- Sorocaba, Brazil
  • Birth year- 1828
  • Date of death- February 17, 1958
  • Marital Status- Married
  • Age 130 years
  • Wife- Palmira
  • Children with Palmira- Nine
  • Total children- More than 200
  • Nationality- Brazilian
  • Religion Christianity
  • Ethnicity- Black

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Pata Seca, an enslaved man who survived for 130 years, made headlines for his ageHe also had over 200 offspring. Pata Seca’s great-great-great grandkids are researching his biography to preserve the legacy he left. 

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Pata Seca Slave Story: FAQs

Q1. Who was Pats Seca?

An enslaved person

Q2. How was Pata Seca’s method of a marriage proposal?

When Pata Seca’s grandfather met his potential wife as a courier, the granddaughter claimed, he offered her directly.

Q3. What did Pata Seca look like?

Pata Seca had big hands and feet and measured around 7 feet, 1 inch (2.18 m) tall.

Q4. What is Pata Seca Slave Story?

Statistics indicate that Pata Seca was a breeder who was approximately 130 years at the time he died.

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