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This article is about Roaring Kitty Wife And family and some other essential details related to his profession. Read more on this topic.

Roaring Kitty is in the news after GameStop’s stock jumped to 50%. His real name is Keith Patrick Gill, and people know him worldwide. He is a famous trader who uploads his analysis on social media.

Full Name Keith Patrick Gill
Nick Name Roaring Kitty
Date of Birth June 8, 1986
Profession Trading, Investing
Spouse Caroline

Roaring Kitty Wife And family

This post will give you details on Roaring Kitty Wife And familyApart from his stock market analysis, people are also interested to know about his wife and family.

The name of his wife is Caroline. They got married in 2016. Both of them welcomed one child. 

Roaring Kitty or Keith Patrick Gill came into the prominence in January 2021. He gained prominence by setting off the surge in GameStop’s stock. The shares reached over $500. This surge captured the pre-market trading.

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Later, the surge dropped to $483 during the trading hours. Thirty-seven-year-old Gill has again returned after a long-term pause. He informed me about his return by posting on his X account.

About Roaring Kitty Wife And family

Gill started the attention and admiration of his fans after he posted movies on his X account. He posted the footage from the Marvel Studios “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Keith became famous after he had made a channel named Roaring Kitty on YouTube. Many people know him by the name of his YouTube channel. Gill also has a Twitter account, which he joined in 2014.

A film named “Dumb Money” showed how his efforts affected Wall Street. Actor Paul Dano played Gill’s role in the movie. He became more popular after the release of this film.

Keith Gill on Wiki

Keith Gill was born on June 8, 1986. He is a financial analyst and an investor who belongs to America. People know him as Roaring Kitty, as he opened his account on Twitter under this name.

His parents are Steven and Elaine Gill. Keith grew up in Brockton, Massachusetts. After the death of his sister in 2020, he has only his brother. He has an exciting Biography.

Gill went to Stonehill College with a degree in business in 2009. He also holds various school records in track and field. He is the first person in the family to receive a four-year degree. 

Although Gill worked as a Chartered Financial Analyst, he did not appear in the CFAI member directory. However, he holds a license which is registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). 

Those who are interested to know about the Roaring Kitty Wife And family are more eager to learn about his wife and children.

His username on the subreddit became famous after he had posted a $53,000 position in GameStop. Gill’s Reddit post and YouTube videos showed that the stock was undervalued. 

However, Gill states that he does not give advice on personal investment and does not recommend stock while he continues the stream. Thousands of people have downloaded investment apps like Robinhood to join the action. 

Age of Gill

Keith Gill is a 37-year-old trader and investor who has achieved success in trading within a short period. He transitioned his career into a trader and investor from the financial analyst.

He started his trading profession in 2021 while involved in the American stock of a video game retailer, GameStop.  Parents of Gill are Steven and Elaine Gill. 

Gill also started posting on social media regarding their positions in the stock market. People also know him through his Reddit and Twitter accounts. Gill also runs a YouTube channel which is known as Roaring Kitty. 

Although people are interested in knowing about his Girlfriend, the details of his wife are available from various sources. 


Keith Gill is a famous trader who has achieved success in trading and investment. Roaring Kitty Wife And family has been in discussion after his return after a long pause. His return to this profession has made many people eager to know about him in detail.

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