Kullad Pizza Jalandhar Viral Mms: Watch The Full Original Couple Names Video Links On Instagram!

Latest News Kullad Pizza Jalandhar Viral Mms

The article gives information about Kullad Pizza Jalandhar Viral MMS, the original full video Instagram link, along with couple names.

Are you the person who used to get viral MMs released online? Then, have you watched the Kullad Pizza Jalandhar Viral Mms?

The video is all about street food celebrity couple Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Roop, and their intimate scenes which goes viral in countries like India, Canada, etc.

So here in this article, we will discuss the real-life happenings around the video and its original link availability.

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Information about Kullad Pizza Jalandhar Viral Mms

Recently, the news regarding the Jalandhar couple MMs has spread like a forest fire because, in those MMs, we could see the romantic and love-making scenes of Sehaj and his wife, Gurpreet.

Since the Kulhad couple is a social media celebrity with 1 million followers, the release of the video got more attention from people. This viral message first circulated over the Punjab region and slowly reached all corners of the world. Kulhad Pizza Video Viral Full Link searches are increasing daily. Still, due to the intervention of the cybercell and the community violation principles, the video has been removed from the internet.

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Where can I watch the video?

Many websites claim to release the original full links to the Kulhad couple’s intimate video, but all those links are not opening; instead, they lead to another website or show different videos. Thus, it is very hard to find the legit Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Original Link on the internet.

If any people who have already downloaded on their phones can only re-share those videos with another person privately if they uploaded them on the social media platform, the authorities can remove them.

Since Sehaj complained to the culprits who released all those videos to the police station, the IT cell has been keenly noticing every update and release of the video.

Kulad Pizza Instagram

Kulhad pizza is famous for two things nowadays:

They are,

  • For its rich and innovative recipe
  • Jalandhar kulhad pizza couple viral video, released on all social media platforms like Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, etc.

Sehaj and Gurpreet have nearly 1 million followers on their Instagram page, so their intimate video was also popular on the same platform because of their viral hashtags and Instagram reach.

Kullad Pizza Couple Names

The couple’s name of the viral kulhad pizza is Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Roop Kaur. Both of them are from Jalandhar, Punjab, India.

This couple has become a famous street food vendor icon in the present era. There are so many fans of their kulhad pizza from all over the world. Thus, they turned out to be social media celebrities. In addition, celebrities usually gain more attention, so the Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Original Link was released in this scenario. Hence, the spotlight turned completely towards the couple.

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Social media links

Instagram: Sehaj Arora (Kulhad Pizza) (@sehaj_arora_) • Instagram photos and videos

Twitter: Profile / X (twitter.com)


Since Sehaj and Roop are famous people, they get easy access to the police officials, and they reported and lodged the complaint, so the cyber cell acted quickly and put more effort into removing all the videos of them. In addition, Sehaj released a statement regarding the Kulad Pizza Instagram viral video, and he shared that this video is completely fake. Hence, the authenticity of the video is still a mystery. 

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Disclaimer: This article only contains the authentic information and we don’t endorse any type of unjust videos.

Reference Link: {Full Watch} Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Download: Details On Couple Video Full Mms Instagram

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