Is A Legit Company (Nov) Check Review Here!

Is A Legit Company

Is A Legit Company (Nov) Check Review Here! >> The article talks about an online website selling sneakers online along with checking its authenticity.

Are you thinking of getting a new pair of sneakers? Wondering how to purchase one online? Well, with so many websites on the internet, it is just a click away to get your favorite sneakers at affordable prices delivered to your doorstep.

Jordanusd is one of the popular websites online that offer high-quality and affordable sneakers across the United States and Canada

However, it is necessary to know if it is authentic or a scam. Hence, we offer you a detailed insight of Is A Legit Company by conducting complete research.

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Is Real or a Scam?

For knowing the authenticity of a company, it is necessary to check for few parameters. These will help us understand if the website is legit or not

  • Trust Score: The website has a very low trust score of 1%, raising the alarm.
  • Domain Age: The website is very new and recently created on 21 May 2021.
  • Domain Expiry: The domain is registered for one year. 
  • Trust Rank: It has a low trust rank of 1.4 out of 100
  • Customer Reviews: The site has negative customer reviews on the internet, under the video reviews.
  • Reviewing Platforms: There are no reviews available on Trustpilot.
  • Social Media: Furthermore, as per Review, it doesn’t have any presence on social media. 
  • Legitimacy: The website does raise suspicions making it seem a questionable one, as of now. 

So, let’s look further into detailed reviews about the website to know more about it. Please continue to read.

About Jordanusd

It is a business website that deals in selling sneakers online. The sneakers here are charged at affordable rates. The website claims to offer high-quality sneakers at very low prices that make it affordable for everyone to purchase.

Besides, the design of the website is too simple. Further, to know Is A Legit Company or scam, we decided to check if there is any spelling or grammatical error in the content written and checking for few specifications.

Specifications of the Website 

  • Website URL:
  • Products offered: Sneakers
  • Creation of domain: 21 May 2021
  • Payment Mode: Visa, MasterCard, Credit Cards
  • Address: 159 Laurel Street, Palatka, Florida, US
  • Email Id:
  • Contact No: (386) 972-4198
  • Shipping period: 7 to 12 days from date of placing order
  • Return & exchange: within 30 days of order
  • Newsletter: NA
  • Warranty & Discounts: NA

Positive Features of the Website 

  • It has a valid HTTPS protection
  • A wide range of sneakers claimed to be of high quality.

Negative Features to prove Is A Legit Company or not?

  • It has a low trust score of 1%
  • It is a very young website that was created recently, which does raise the alarm.
  • There are a few negative reviews on the internet about the website 
  • The content in the website is improper containing few grammatical error and spellings

However, we can decide the website’s legitimacy only by checking the different parameters that allow us to choose a legit or a scam website. As we have already checked the other aspects, we decided to review what customers have to say. Review – What Customers have to say?

Customer reviews do offer a deep insight into the authenticity of the website. The website does have reviews listed on it. However, they are positive reviews that do raise suspicions. 

On the other hand, there are negative reviews on YouTube. One user highlighted that some random person is speaking at the customer care number and the user is at loss of $ 140.

In addition, to other users who complained about his refund money transferred into a gift card. Some people are also enquiring about its legitimacy. 

Based on these claims while reviewing Is A Legit Company, we can conclude that it comes across as a shady website. Thus, we recommend users research before making purchases.

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Final Verdict

Based on the reviews and information gathered in the above sections, we can claim that the website comes across as a questionable site, as of now. It is thus recommended for users to research individual end to know Is A Legit Company or not.

Also, it is too early to determine its legitimacy as its domain age is too

young. Have you brought any Sneakers from the website? What was your experience purchasing one? Please do share your feedback in the comments section

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