Is Beatmall Legit {May 2022} Get The Complete Reviews!

Beatmall Online Website Reviews

Please go through this write-up to address your question Is Beatmall Legit regarding a newly launched online store that deals with different bike models.

Do you love biking for long rides? Are you looking for a robust mountain or cross-country bike? Do you like to purchase bicycles from a portal that provides this niche exclusively? Then, please read till the end to receive the essential information.

This article has shared details about a new online store’s genuineness. Buyers from numerous countries, especially India, are looking forward to reading more regarding this site. Hence, please scrutinize further to confirm your question Is Beatmall Legit

Is Beatmall Authentic?

Please find the below details that we have researched on the Web. These particulars will elucidate the website’s authenticity and help you decide about purchasing from this store.

  • Age of Portal– This website is two months and seventeen days old. The designers established it on 25th February 2022.
  • Website Trust Index – 60 %, which can be grouped under a Medium Trust Score. 
  • Social Media Links – There are social media icons on the top-right corner and bottom of the home page. But, these open the accounts of the website’s developer software firm, not the website.
  • Reviews of Customers – The website lacks the section to post the Beatmall Reviews. Thus, there is no way to share or determine customer feedback.
  • The Authenticity of Content – The developers have pasted the Privacy Policy mentioned on this website from another source. It is because the wordings include Add, Subtract, Insert, etc., in brackets. 
  • The Absence of Contact Information – No telephone number or contact address is available on this platform. Only the electronic mail id is specified, however, that too with a generic domain. 
  • Incomplete Web Design – The website seems under construction as it lacks many essential features. The missing information includes shipping, payment, contact details, filtering method, etc. 

The above particulars portray this website as dubious. Even so, it is difficult to state Is Beatmall Legit as it was recently launched and may be underdeveloped. 

What is Beatmall?

Beatmall is a digital commerce portal that sells different models of bicycles. Some items are mountain and cross-country bikes with varying speeds, gears, and other additions. Users can also choose different tires for the bikes available on this portal.


  • Portal Type – A virtual platform that deals with different types of bicycles.
  • Address of Website–
  • Contact Number and Address – Not provided.
  • Electronic Mail Address –
  • Shipping Details – Unavailable
  • Social Media Linking – The icons displayed on the landing page do not open the website’s accounts. Thus, social media linking is absent, reaffirming your query Is Beatmall Legit
  • Refunds and Return Details – The time to send back the goods is thirty days from receiving them. No fixed timeline is mentioned for refunding the amount. Also, the refund will be subject to the team’s approval.
  • Privacy Policy – Mentioned, but seems copied.
  • Terms of Usage – Present 
  • Product Price – Mentioned in INR.
  • Sorting Method – Available
  • Filter By – Not provided. 
  • Payment Options – Debit and credit cards of Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


  • The developers have mentioned all technical specifications in the item descriptions. 
  • The bicycles’ images have high clarity and resolution.

Cons Concerning Is Beatmall Legit

  • The website lacks a shipping policy, contact information, and filtering method, making it difficult to browse and trust. It may so happen that the website is still under construction.
  • Customers may be hesitant to rely on this platform due to its recentness. 
  • The social media icons on the home page are misleading. They do not open the website’s handles and redirect to the concerned software company’s profiles.
  • The website is devoid of the owner’s contact number or physical address. Furthermore, the e-mail id contains a generic domain.

Beatmall Reviews

We tried looking for this platform on leading reviewing forums, but none of them mentioned any information about it. Thus, it seems that shoppers have not tried this website yet as it is too recent. Also, the designers have not incorporated the section for reviewing on this portal. Therefore, this website lacks the scope to learn about the customers’ opinions regarding the products. Thus, we suggest you learn how to Get Your Money-Back from PayPal scammers while browsing wary websites. 


According to our gathered information, this website may be wary. Notwithstanding, it is difficult to proclaim Is Beatmall Legit due to its newness and seems under construction. Consequently, please learn How to Get a Full Refund on credit card scam for protection. Also, you may find interest in the different types of bikes  to enhance your knowledge. 

Are you planning to explore this platform? Please write below.

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