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This article describes a website that provides free video streaming services for registered users. Read more important details about the Dizipal311 .com.

Have you read about a trending entertainment-based website that provides free online streaming services? Do you want to know more details about the specific services offered? Then, read till the end as we explore all details associated with the online service.

Online streamers, especially in Turkey, are excited about the online video streaming platform. The increase in online content viewers gave Dizipal311 .com more popularity. Let’s explore all important details related to the free online services provided to website users.

About Dizipal311 Website

The Dizipal311 website provides streaming services for the Turkish audience. In addition, the platform provides users with international films and series in their regional language. The website services are also accessible from the mobile app.

The Dizipal311 website is designed for both PC and mobile device users. Users are also provided with various live broadcasts besides the series and film. However, the services provided are illegal, and we highly recommend buying the original subscription. It is registered on 27 June 2022 and its trust score is just 1%.

Dizipal311 .com

  • The user can choose the language for the online entertainment content.
  • The website address keeps changing, and the visitor is provided with the updated website link from other supporting websites.
  • The updated website link is also published periodically on Dizipal’s Twitter account.
  • The website often gets closed for providing illegal streaming services.
  • The services are then provided by creating new websites with domain names such as dizipal 229, dizipal 222, dizipal 224, dizipal 231, etc.

How to Login on Dizipal?

  • Find the latest updated website from their Twitter account.
  • Log in using the username and password.
  • New Dizipal311 .com users need to register using their email id and phone number.

Advantages of Dizipal311 Website

  • The website provides many international video contents in English and Turkish.
  • The major number of content consists of popular documentaries, series, and films.
  • The content available on the website is taken from popular streaming platforms.
  • The premium content available on other platforms is provided to Dizipal311 website users for free.
  • The video contents are provided to the users with 4K and HDR quality.

Disadvantages of Dizipal311 Website

  • The website doesn’t provide any subtitles to its users.
  • There are multiple ads while playing the videos.
  • Need to have an external video player for Dizipal311 .com live streaming.
  • High-speed internet is required for seamless usage.
  • The servers keep changing with time, and the user needs to update the servers for continuous streaming.

Dizipal 311 App

  • Non-Turkish users must use an online translator app to access the mobile application.
  • The Dizipal 311 app supports both international and local languages.
  • The user must install a mobile video player to stream the video content.


The online streaming services provided by the Dizipal311 website are illegal content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Blu TV, etc. We don’t support the illegal services provided by the Dizipal311 website. To know more details about online piracy, kindly visit here. 

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