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The article on Carlotta Dessì Wikipedia reveals all the truth about her Biography, personal life, and Compagno.

Have you heard about the name of Carlotta Dessì? Carlotta Dessì was a Mediaset journalist in Italy. You must be thinking why we are using “was” to refer to her. We have bad news for you. Carlotta Dessì is no more.

Recently, the tragic death of Carlotta Dessì left everyone speechless. After her sudden death, many curious people started searching for the Carlotta Dessì Wikipedia details. If you are also one of them, keep reading the article.

What happened to Carlotta as per the Carlotta Dessì Wikipedia?

This February, Carlotta Dessì lost her life. According to her Wikipedia, she would have turned thirty-five on 15 February 2024. That means, at the age of thirty-four, Carlotta Dessì took her last breath. The sudden death of Carlotta Dessì saddened everyone. In this context, many people asked about the cause of the death of Carlotta Dessì.

Since last August, Carlotta Dessì has been suffering from a serious illness. No one mentioned the name of the illness. So, it is hard to tell which serious illness snatched the life of Carlotta Dessì. According to the Carlotta Dessì Biography, she died on 6 February 2024 in Milan.

What happened to Carlotta as per the Carlotta Dessì Wikipedia

Who was Carlotta Dessì?

If you are an Italian, you might have heard about Carlotta Dessì before. She was a famous Mediaset television journalist. Carlotta worked for many programs of the group. She was mainly famous for her remarkable investigations in “Fuori dal coro.” Carlotta was also well-known for her leading role in “Pomeriggio 5.”

While talking about the personal life of Carlotta, many people asked about the Carlotta Dessì Compagno details. The Italian term “compagno” means “partner.” We will discuss the partner of Carlotta Dessì later. First, we want to let our readers know about the popularity of Carlotta Dessì on social media.

Carlotta Dessì was not that much famous on social media. She was active on Instagram. More than 7k people followed Carlotta Dessì on Instagram. You can also check our Social Media Sites Links section to see her Instagram account and what ordinary people say about the sudden death of Carlotta Dessì.

Who was Carlotta Dessì

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Carlotta Dessì Compagno:

Many fans and followers of Carlotta Dessì showed interest in knowing about the relationship status of Carlotta Dessì. Carlotta was not married and did not have any children. However, she was in a healthy relationship with Fabrizio Boni. Carlotta Dessì met Fabrizio Boni in 2018. Fabrizio is also a Mediaset journalist. He is one of the main faces of Sport Mediaset. Even in the last days of Carlotta Dessì, Fabrizio Boni was there for her.

Carlotta Dessì Biography:

Full Name  Carlotta Dessì 
Date of Birth  15 February 1989
Age at the time of death  34 years 
Birth Place  Cagliari, Italy 
Death Date  6 February 2024
Profession  Journalist 
Marital Status  Unmarried 
Partner’s Name  Fabrizio Boni 
Nationality  Italian 
Zodiac Sign  Aquarius 

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The Final Discussion:

Apart from the Carlotta Dessì Wikipedia details, many people searched for the obituary and funeral ceremony details of Carlotta Dessì. However, the family members and friends of Carlotta have not shared anything about her obituary and funeral ceremony. We will pray for the soul of Carlotta Dessì to rest in peace. Click here to watch footage of Carlotta Dessì.

Have you watched the performance of Carlotta Dessì in Pomeriggio 5? Please comment below.

Disclaimer: We have gathered all the information from authentic and trustworthy sources. We are strictly against spreading rumors about anyone.

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