Bts Meal Price In Delhi (June 2021) What Is The Cost?

Bts Meal Price In Delhi (June 2021) What Is The Cost

Bts Meal Price In Delhi (June 2021) What Is The Cost? >> This article talks about the newly introduced meal by favorite K-Pop brands and its price in the country.

The Bangtan Boys has surely earned a place in the hearts of each of their fans. BTS is popular globally. Apart from their wonderful band, the South Korean pop is known for their BTS meal that has made its presence in other countries.

And here is a piece of good news for everyone in India. The BTS meal is all set to make itself part of the country with their food chain company. 

So, in this article, we present a complete detail about Bts and Bts Meal Price In Delhi. Thus, please read till the end.

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What is BTS?

Before we proceed ahead to know in detail about BTS, it would be wise to know what exactly is BTS. 

The BTS is also popular as Bangtan Boys, which are a seven-member team of South Korean band. From its inception in 2010 to make its debut in 2013, the band has grown famous globally.

Now the popular K-pop band of boys is set to introduce their special meal collaborating with one of the fast-food giants, i.e., McDonald’s. We would look at Bts Meal Price In Delhi and explore the other information in the further sections.

What does the Bts Meal include?

The BTS meal is a combination of materials that are from the personal favorite of the band. In addition, they also include the band’s favorite inspired from their popular recipes from the McDonald’s menu.

The special meal has already rolled out in other countries and is set to make its entry in India. The special BTS McDonald’s menu will arrive to the North and East of the country on 01 June 2021, while it would arrive to the South and west on 04 June 2021.

Bts Meal Price In Delhi

The special BTS meal would include 10 Chicken McNuggets, Cajun dipping sauces, medium-sized fries, coke and sweet chili. The meal is priced at Rs 300. In addition, the meal is subject to extra taxes too.

How can you order the Meal?

The special meal will be available at McDonald’s outlets. Besides, you can order for them through third-party apps like Zomato and Swiggy for home delivery with additional charges levied.

In addition to the meal also includes the merchandise such as hoodies, socks, sandals, and purple bathrobes designed in the band’s favorite purple color. So, we hope you have got the information about Bts Meal Price In Delhi.

Final Verdict

All those who are great fans of the BTS bands have the golden opportunity to taste their favorite Bts Meal as it arrived to the country on 01 June 2021. So, are you ready to get the taste of your favorite band’s special meal?

Want to know more about the BTS band? Please do not forget to read the link here

Have you ever tasted the BTS meal before? How was your experience with the meal? Please do share your opinion about Bts Meal Price In Delhi in the comments box below.

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