Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay (June 2021) Read Details!

Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay (June 2021) Read Details!

Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay (June 2021) Read Details! >> Here, you will get the information of a unique online game character shaped Chicken Nugget. Read now!

Are you bored with your regular shaped nuggets, and do you want some change in it? Well, no need to worry anymore because a new Among Us shaped chicken nuggets has been launched on EBay, which can also be known as Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay.

Here we will share all the necessary details of this trending News which is making a lot of buzz among the people of the United States, Canada, Australia and Germany.

Let’s find out more about this trending News.

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What is McDonald’s Among Us Chicken nugget?

Among Us is one of the most loved games everywhere around the world, and it is immensely popular among the masses. To capture the attention, McDonald’s recently launched a new Among Us crewmate shaped or character chicken nugget which is being enjoyed by many, and the Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay came from McDonald’s BTS Celebrity meal. 

Release this meal on 27 May 2021.  The new McDonalds BTS celebrity meal consists of 10 pieces of chicken nuggets, medium-size coke, medium-size fries and also two sauces are served; One is the sweet chili sauce another one is the Cajun Sauce.

What is the Price of the Chicken Nugget?

The Nugget has gained so much popularity and is trending immensely that people are putting a bid on the nuggets to get the nuggets. The price of the Nugget is constantly fluctuating on EBay by different sellers.

Let’s check out the pricing bid of Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay:-

  • This initial nugget price was listed for $0.99 on 28 May at EBay.
  • The bid didn’t take place for some time, but after two days, the bid took place with $14,869.69, as mentioned on the eBay list.
  • On 30 May, the bid hiked to $20,000 on the Nugget, and then on 1 June, it climbed to $30,000.
  • Finally, the Nugget was sold on 3 June for an amount of $99,997 at 7:38 p.m. 

Now, this chicken nugget is available on EBay, and a new bid for the same is still going on.

Customer Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay Reviews

Among Us is a much-loved and popular online game among people from all over the world. Hence the new Among Us shaped nuggets Has also created a huge buzz in every single place, clearly evident from the hike of its price.

From the customer’s feedback, we can say that people are trying these nuggets for its unique shape. Also, many people reacted to the hiked price of this Nugget and said it’s insane to spend so much on a chicken nugget.


In a final statement, it will be more convenient to say Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay has become trending news, and people are curious to know why this Nugget is being sold for $100k. 

The unique and interesting Among Us  Crewmate shape of this Nugget didn’t fail to capture the people’s attention, which made its price hike immensely.

Have you tried this unique chicken nugget? Please share your valuable viewpoints with us in the comment box below.

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