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The recent legal victory of Almas Tsaqib Birru IG is shared here to inform you of the efforts made by Anak Siapa and Mahasiswa Mana to win the battle.

Did Almas celebrate his legal triumph? A recent application submitted by Almas Tsaquib made headlines after citizens of Indonesia and many other places shared his legal victory through social media. The age requirements for specific reputable positions were included in the application submitted by Almas Tsaquib.

His legal victory was the reason for the citizens’ celebration and stunned them by the legal battle he continued and succeeded. Let us check the triumph of Almas Tsaqib Birru IG through this post below.

Almas Tsaqib Birru IG:

Almas, a student who recently applied the age requirements for reputable positions, brought him into the headlines. The applicant’s present or past service as a regional head chosen through the general election is sufficient to meet this substitute criterion.

The case concerning the 40-year-old age limit for presidential and vice presidential candidates was granted by the Constitutional Court (MK).

Almas Tsaqib Birru IG

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Almas Tsaqib Birru Anak Siapa:

Almas Tasquib is Central Java, Surakarta’s student at Sukarta University’s Law Faculty. His private credentials are undisclosed on public networks. He recently applied and achieved legal victory.

He declared his admiration for Gibran Rakabuming Raka in the application he recently submitted to the court (constitutional court). The recent triumph of the age limitation restriction lawsuit opened up prospects for candidates who presently or previously held regional head positions in regional elections.

Almas Tsaqib Birru Mahasiswa Mana:

Almas Tasqib, a law faculty student, also believed that Gibran Rakabuming Raka, the mayor of Surakarta, was the appropriate person to represent the Indonesian people from 2020 to 2025. The student’s belief and concern for the citizens were reflected in his submitted application.

The judge also announced that the candidates for vice-presidential and presidential positions must be based on possibilities while accountably, reasonably, and rationally removing limitations for the application filed by Almas Tsaqib Birru Anak Siapa.

Almas Tsaqib Birru Mahasiswa Mana

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Which entry points were discussed for the age criteria for specific positions?

Judge Guntur declared in the courtroom that under the standards of letter q of Law 7/2017 article 169 standards, two ‘entry points’ are there concerning age requirements:

  • Awarded a position through elections  
  • Being 40 years old

The request for these further requirements was granted, provoking controversy and severe doubts about the identity of the request letter’s sender (Almas Tsaqib Birru Mahasiswa Mana).

What did Almas Tsaqib mention about Gibran?

Almas Tsaqib mentioned Gibran as an excellent figure due to Surakata’s increased economic growth by 6.23 per cent during his initial term as mayor. The application submitted by Almas also considers the Surakarta Mayor’s experience in the city’s advancement and building.

He added about the mayor’s obedience and integrity in serving the state and people’s interests and requirements. Almas and Gibran were requested to attend the February 12, 2024 hearing. 

The recent legal victory made Almas Tsaqib Birru IG become the nation’s limelight to challenge the age criteria for reputable positions.

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Almas Tasqib, a law faculty student, ’s legal victory brought him to the limelight. He succeeded in applying the age criteria for presidential and vice-presidential positions. However, his remaining identification facts remain covered. 

Stay tuned as we bring more facts about Almas Tasquib and his legal victory. 

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Disclaimer- We brief people about the efforts made by the students and the success they achieve without prioritizing individuals or the happenings.

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