Pro Skateboarder Killed Girlfriend (Apr) Know Here!

Pro Skateboarder Killed Girlfriend

Pro Skateboarder Killed Girlfriend (Apr) Know Here! >> The news lets the people know how the famous skater committed the offense and sentenced to imprisonment.  

The great skater Mark Rogowski got convicted in a murder case for killing his girlfriend. He became an international star in the skateboarding world at a young age. He committed a criminal offense in 1991 and spent 31 years in imprisonment. 

The United States are curious to know more about the skates and his life. The news on Pro Skateboarder Killed Girlfriend makes them understand more about the skater. 

Early years of Mark Rogowski

Mark Rogowski was born in New York, and at the age of three, he moved to California after his parent’s separation. 

Marck started practicing skateboard at the age of seven, and the local skate team picked him up for their team in 1978. 

Career in skateboarding

At the age of 14, Mark started his professional career in skateboarding. He was a gifted athlete, and this quality helped him to fly high in this field. 

In 1982, he took part in Canadian Amateur Skateboarding Championship held in Vancouver and won the contest. It was his first major win in his career. 

But, suddenly, people came to know Pro Skateboarder Killed Girlfriend after he had a bad breakup. 

Personal life of Mark Rogowski

He met with Brandy McClain, a seventeen-year girl, in 1987. The duo started dating and fell in love with each other. McClain moved with Mark in California and started living with him. 

The duo was inseparable, and they used to attend every party together. Mark used to take Brandy everywhere he used to visit, whether completions or advertisement shooting. People can notice them together in Tom Pretty’s Music Video known as ‘Free Fallin.”

What was the incident that changed his life?

Before getting the answers to why the Pro Skateboarder Killed Girlfriendthe citizens of the United States need to know about an accident.

Rogowski was known for his uncontrollable anger and drinking issues. In 1990, while participating in the World Cup Event, he got missing after attending a party. 

He was fully drunk and climbed up on a construction crane. He dived down from a two-storied hotel and landed wrongly on an iron fence. 

This incident turned his life, and he started to reinvent himself. Mark devoted his life to Jesus and wanted Brandy also to follow the path.

But she did not want to leave the fun life, and this created complications in their relationship. 

Why did the Pro Skateboarder Killed Girlfriend?

Brandy and Mark parted away after he changed his pathway of life. Due to this breakup, Mark became violent, and he started threatening McClain through voice mails. 

Brandy’s best friend Jessica called Mark to meet in San Diego. They spent a day together and had fun. Being drunk, Mark hit Jessica on her head. He killed her brutally and dumped her body in the desert. 

Wrapping Up

Mark conducted a serious offense for which he got sentenced to jail for thirty-one years. He suffered imprisonment for the death and rape of Jessica Bergsten.

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