Zorro Wordle {May 2022} Is it a Solution for Word Game!

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Zorro Wordle has shared the reason behind the high search for the Zorro word on search engines and discussed its approach to solve Wordle.

Are you looking for a Zorro word game on the internet, as many developers make puzzle games for their platforms? Zorro the Chronicle is an exciting adventure game, and its fans in Canada and the United States thought that the developer had come up with a Wordle version of this game.

The search for Zorro word also topped in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia as players were looking for the 1st May Wordle solution. Most gamers were scratching their heads for first, third, and fourth letters; read Zorro Wordle to learn more about it.

Have BTC Studios developed the Zorro Word Game?

Zorro the Chronicle is a game on Console developed by BTC Studios, and many players were searching for its Wordle version. Wordle craze has grown so much in recent times that each one tries to have its version to attract traffic on its platform.

After doing little research, we concluded that most players solving 1st May Wordle got stuck between two O in the game. The two O are at the second and fifth place of the Wordle solution, and the green tile means that these are correctly placed.

Is Zorro Game Solution for Wordle 316?

The players searched for letters in first, third, and fourth place to solve puzzles within the permitted six attempts. Some interesting five-letter words could be formed by trying different combinations of letters in first, third, and fourth place.

Motto is the most common word that this combination can form, but the grey tile indicates that it is not the solution. Some five letter words with O in second and fifth place are listed below.

  • Motto
  • Forgo
  • Zorro
  • Potto

Forgo is the solution for Wordle number 316; therefore, Zorro Game is neither a new puzzle game nor a solution for 1st May Wordle.

How to approach the Wordle Puzzle Game?

The first word for solving the puzzle is important as it opens the game, and the player can find the solution from given hints. To solve puzzle 313, our team chose the word LOVER and got the second letter in the correct place.

The second word tried was Roast as it has O in the second place; nothing important came of it. The third word tried was Moron, and it became clear that it has two O, but this word has placed it differently. 

Reaching Solution for Zorro Wordle:

In the fourth attempt, we were sure that O was used twice, and our effort started with finding five letters having two O in them. The fourth word we tried was Zorro, and it gave final hints to us, and our search for the first, third, and fourth position started.

In our fifth attempt, we placed the word FORGO, and all the tiles turned green; in five attempts Wordle solution for 1st May 2022 was found.

Final verdict:

Therefore Zorro was neither a puzzle game nor a solution for Wordle,  but it was a word player used to solve puzzle number 313. Zorro Wordle has given its approach to solving the puzzle, and players can try it for solving future Wordle.

Players can share their views on solving the Wordle puzzle in the comment section.

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