Zitkala-sa Son (Feb 2021) Get All The Details Here!

Zitkala-sa Son 2021

Zitkala-sa Son (Feb 2021) Get All The Details Here! -> Do you have any interest in literary history that dates back to the 1800s? You can learn about a woman’s life of the 1800s and 1900s in our post. Kindly read it carefully!

Zitkala-sa Son: Are you also looking for the personal and career details of this person? Some people become famous worldwide for their talents, skills, knowledge, and expertise. If we have to compare women’s and men’s success rates, the former lacks numbers. However, we have collected some information about an influential activist and woman who became famous in the 1800s. 

You will also learn about her son who became famous because of his mother. Many citizens from the United States leave flowers on the duo’s grave of mother and son. We wonder what is so unique about their personality and career that people remember them until now. Let’s dive into the details to know more!

Who is Zitkala-sa Son?

Since Gertrude Bonnin’s husband and son’s details are not updated on Wikipedia or other websites, we could not find many details! On Gertrude’s Wikipedia, it is mentioned that she had only one child name Raymond Ohiya Bonnin Junior. He was named after his father, named Raymond Talefase Bonnin. 

It is better to learn about Gertrude before knowing about her son- OHIYA, and husband- RAYMOND. The process will give a glimpse of their life, talent, and other details that made them famous. 

Who is Zitkala-sa?

Through the introduction of Zitkala-sa Son, we learnt about ZITKALA-SA. She later married Raymond Talefase Bonnin and changed her name to Gertrude Simmons Bonnin. Besides, she is a Yankton Dakota educator, writer, political activist, educator, editor, musician, and translator. She has written and published numerous books depicting her struggles with majority culture and cultural identity. 

Later, she started writing in the English language, making the books famous in the United States. Many white people began reading her books and understanding people’s situations. Some of the notable books have left an influence on Native American Activists. 

How was Ohiya born?

Through Gertrude’s Wikipedia page, we gathered some information about Ohiya. It is mentioned that she met a captain named RAYMOND TALEFASE BONNIN on a ship. Later, they married and served with UTE people for fourteen years. During this time, she gave birth to OHIYA, who is known worldwide as Zitkala-sa Son

When did Ohiya Die?

He was born on 22nd May 1903 to Gertrude and Talesfase Bonnin. Later, he married Ms. Eichorn and begotten four children. Besides, he died young, at the age of 36 years, due to unknown reasons. You cannot find many details about his skills, talents, notable works, awards, or anything on the web. 

Our Final Conclusion:

Many children and spouses get famous because of one person. The same has happened with Talesfase Bonnin and Alfred Ohiya Bonnin, who were husband and son to Gertrude Zitkala Sa Felker. Do you know anything about the son and husband? Please share your insights on our Zitkala-sa Son post’s comment section!

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