Zitkala Sa Age (February 2021) Reveal Her Life Story!

Zitkala Sa Age 2021

Zitkala Sa Age (February 2021) Reveal Her Life Story! >> The article talks about the famous writer who has been an advocate of citizenship rights and took a stand against racism.

Zitkala-Sa is a famous name among the people of the United States. Throughout her life, she has worked towards the upliftment of the native Americans. 

Through this article, you will get to know about various aspects of her life, including Zitkala Sa Age

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Who is Zitkala-Sa?

Zitkala-Sa is a famous writer who has the birth name as Gertrude Simmons. She was born on 22 February, 1876. He was born in Yankton Sioux Agency which is in South Dakota. There have been too many theories about her death, but as per various resources available, she died on 26 January 1938 in Washington, DC. 

She throughout her life served as a writer and reformer who worked towards the expansion of the opportunities for the Native Americans. She worked towards safeguarding the cultures of these people. Continue reading to know more about Zitkala Sa Age.

How was the early life of Zitkala-Sa?

Zitkala-Sa was the daughter of the mother, who was Yankton Sioux, and her father was Euro-American. It was later in her teens that she adopted the name of Zitkala-Sa. 

When she reached eight years, she was sent to the White’s Manual Labor Institute. It was a Quaker Missionary School which was in Wabash, Indiana. 

When she reached the age of nineteen years, she joined Earlham College, Richmond though her family didn’t allow her to do that. After her graduation, she taught in a school for two years, but she didn’t like the school’s atmosphere that didn’t support the cultural identity of the Native Americans. Continue reading to know more about Zitkala Sa Age.

While teaching, she published various short stories and autobiographical essays under the pen name Zitkala-Sa. All of these were tied around the theme of retention of cultural identities of Native Americans.

How was the later life of Zitkala-Sa?

Zitkala-Sa went ahead and married a half Sioux and half Euro American named Raymond Bonnin. Post marriage, she shifted to a Utah reservation. 

There, she became a correspondent to The American Indians society. It was the first society that was administered solely by the native Americans.

Post this, and she became the secretary of the American Indian Society in 1916. At this time, she moved to Washington, DC, where she worked towards the upliftment of native Americans. She tried to expose the mistreatment of the Native Americans based in Oklahoma. Continue reading to know more about Zitkala Sa Age.

Post this, and she founded the National Council of American Indians in 1926 while she served as a President. There, she worked towards citizenship rights, providing better education opportunities to the native Americans, providing improved healthcare facilities to the Native Americans. 

She also worked towards preserving the culture of native Americans. She later became an advisor to the US government’s Meriam Commission in the year 1928. Throughout her life, she worked for the rights of Native Americans till the time she died.

 Final Conclusion

Thus, Zitkala Sa was born in 1876 and died in the year 1938, so her age has been 62 years until her death. She has indeed been an inspirational figure who worked for the upliftment of native Americans throughout her life. So, that was all about Zitkala Sa Age.

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