Yoyo Shoes Reviews (Dec) Is This Offer Scam Deal?

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Yoyo Shoes Reviews (Dec) Is This Offer Scam Deal? >> Are you looking for the legitimacy of this shoes selling website? The article will give you a detailed report on it.

Yoyo Shoes Reviews: Are you planning to buy shoes from an online shop? There are several websites today on the web, and one of them is yoyoshoes.ru. Hence, we will give its reviews in this post today.

The company is not a mature one and sells in various countries, including the United States. To know all the details and judge its authenticity, we will provide you with the required information.

What is Yoyoshoes.ru?

The relatively young website is known to sell Shoes for various age groups. It is established on 27/07/2020 in the United States. You will find shoe varieties for men, women, and kids too. They claim to have lasting ties with several factories, warehouses, and shoe companies.

There are no Yoyo Shoes Reviews present on the company website, and there is no company address given on the website. You can buy shoes through the website using various payment modes. The customers can contact them by filling a short form that is available on the website. 

Specifications of Yoyoshoes.ru

  • Website URL: https://www.yoyoshoes.ru/
  • Domain Creation Date: 27/07/2020
  • Website Type – Online retailers of Shoes
  • Prices – Starting $130 (kids’ shoes)
  • Shipping info – Delivery within 7 to 9 days, considering the Yoyo Shoes Reviews
  • Company location – No info
  • Email – yoyoshoes123@gmail.com
  • Whatsapp no. – +85263614097
  • Payment Modes – MasterCard, Visa, JCB, and PayPal
  • Social media – Instagram, and YouTube

Worthy Features of Yoyoshoes.ru 

  • The website has a broad range of shoes available for purchase.
  • The prices are lower as compared to other sites selling the same shoes
  • The customers can contact them using various methods of communication. 
  • They have an online presence on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube

Negative Features of Yoyoshoes.ru

  • There are no Yoyo Shoes Reviews present on any review site.
  • The website is a young site and is only eight months old.
  • There is no company address given on the website. The customer cannot detect the country to which the company belongs. 
  • The trust score and rank of the company is low.
  • Fake icons of two popular platforms are there on the website.

Is Yoyoshoes.ru a Legit Company?

  • To know the legitimacy of the website that sells shoes online, we analyzed it in-depth. The company is only eight months old and is too young for the customer to develop trust for it. 
  • There are nil Yoyo Shoes Reviews on the web, forcing the customer to judge it as an unreliable site. 
  • The company owner has hidden his information, and the country of origin is also unclear.
  • There is a presence available on Instagram and YouTube, however fake icons of popular websites Facebook and Twitter are present on the yoyo shoe website. That is a bad sign and raises suspicion on the genuineness of the website. 
  • People usually doubt such websites and do not prefer making any purchase on such doubtful sites.
  • The Trust Index of the website is 8%.
  • The Trust Rank of the website is 23.5/100.
  • There is no presence of the mail server, which is a bad sign

What are the Yoyo Shoe Reviews given by People?

People give feedback only when they know about that website. Looking at the overall report of the yoyo shoe company it seems to be a highly unpopular website. There are no customer reviews available for their products on the internet. That can be attributed to the newness of the website, but still, we feel eight months are enough for a website to make an online presence among its users.

They have some followers on Instagram, but there are no Yoyo Shoes Reviews by any customer on any platform. The absence of any feedback shows that they have nil customer strength and hence, we can consider it as a rarely known website among online buyers.

A Final Thought

On comparing all the pros and cons of the website it’s uncertain whether to trust the website. They have some negative aspects and positive aspects too. The company address is not available, but the availability of a WhatsApp number and email is enough for the customers to make any queries in advance. 

However, there may be no Yoyo Shoes Reviews on the web, but we suggest you go through the above details and make your judgment accordingly, and should wait for some genuine reviews to arise. As of now, we can say that it seems to be a shady online site. 

Have you ever tried to shop on the website? Or have you heard anything else about it anywhere? Please give your valuable suggestions in the below comments section. Kindly judge taking all the pros and cons into your consideration.

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