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In this article, we have discussed the Youneedchanels com and why the site was created by NBCUniversal.

Are you aware that many of your favourite YouTube TV channels may be deactivated soon? Do you want to take action against this situation? If so, then this post will be beneficial to you.

YouTube TV and NBC are unable to reach a deal for broadcasting. The You Need Channel website was created to allow people in the United States to take action against the situation. So, in this post, we will discuss the problem and the Youneedchanels com website.

What is YouTube TV and NBC dispute all about?

Google has been working to extend our agreement with NBC Universal so that their content may continue to be broadcast on YouTube TV. But it seems that both companies haven’t signed a deal yet as they do not agree with each other’s demands.

YouTube just stated in a blog post that if NBC Universal provides them fair terms, the deal will be renewed. However, if no agreement is made by Thursday, 30th September 2021, the NBC Universal array of channels will be removed from YouTube TV. Before knowing about Youneedchanels com, let’s see the consequences YouTube TV users will face in this situation.

How will this dispute affect YouTube TV users?

Suppose no contract is finalized between YouTube TV and NBC Universal. In that case, YouTube TV may remove 14 or more popular NBC channels, which include all NBCUniversal news, sports, and entertainment channels.

Furthermore, if the contract is not extended and NBC programming is removed from their site, YouTube TV will reduce its membership pricing by $10, bringing the monthly subscription price from $64.99 to $54.99. 

What is the Youneedchanels com website about?

NBCUniversal Media has also created a website to make its viewers aware of this situation. The website’s name is You Need Channels com. On this website NBCUniversal States that YouTube TV may drop their channels from their site and asks to take action against YouTube TV. 

NBC Universal has offered viewers three options for taking action against them. Users may use the Send a Tweet option to tweet mentioning YouTube TV for continuing the NBC Universal Channel, and they can use the Chat with YouTube TV option to address their concerns to YouTube TV chat support. In addition, NBC’s Youneedchanels com provides a Switch Provider option where you may look up information on alternative providers.

Here is the list of NBC Universal channels YouTube TV may remove:

  • NBC Entertainment
  • NBC Late Night
  • NBC Specials and Sporting Events
  • NBC Sports Boston
  • NBC News
  • Bravo
  • CNBC
  • E!
  • GOLF Channel
  • Oxygen
  • SYFY
  • Universal Kids
  • USA Network


The YouTube TV and NBC Universal dispute will affect many viewers across America. Though NBC and YouTube TV have addressed this issue through their website and blog, we are still unsure of what will happen. Visit the official NBC You Need Channels website  to know more. 

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