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Y8 Com Among Us (Jan 2021) Know its Benefits and Cons

Y8 Com Among Us (Jan 2021) Know its Benefits and Cons. >> Want to know that your favorite game has come on which platform lately? Please go through the article and find it out.

With the assistance of the web, electronic gaming is in great demand these days as countless kids are willing to try their hands in web gaming fundamentally instead of going to the playgrounds and wilderness exercise centers. 

Abusing this condition, a couple of affiliations are going into giving an online stage to these adolescents and offering them a scene where they can play online multiplayer games with puzzling individuals about whom they don’t have the foggiest thought or have never met unmistakably. 

Among Us is one of these settings that offer the past referred to organizations at the solace of home to these teenagers, and it has gotten spotlight as of late in the United States. y8 Com Among Us has fundamental information about the game being offered to be played on this platform lately. This move of the company will help the game reach the target audience.

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What is Among Us?

Among Us is a multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth (an American game studio) in June 2018. The game’s theme is that of Space, and there are only two roles that players can be played by players – either to be a crewmate, which most of the players become, or to be an imposter. There can be more than one imposter in the game if the number of players is more. y8 Com Among Us is the latest place to play the game.

The gameplay of Among Us:

The goal of the imposter is to kill every crewmate except for the last one. If he succeeds in killing them without being identified as the imposter, he will be the winner. On the other hand, crewmembers’ role is to identify the imposter and vote him out before he kills every one of them. For this, they have to reach a consensus to vote a player out. After voting him out, they get to know whether he was the imposter or not. The maximum number of players who can play the game at a time is 10.

y8 Com Among Us is another approach of the developers for making the game reach millions on its platform, which can be played for free.

What is Y8

Y8 is an online gaming platform having many flash games. It offers its users to play these games for free. This platform was created in 2006 to provide the kids, especially girls, a platform for online gaming. 

Y8 has a few rivals as well, like, Didi Games and Star Sue. But with the addition of y8 Com Among Us, the Y8 platform has taken a big lead from its rivals.

Awards won by Among Us

The Game Awards Best Mobile Game, Best Multi-player Game 2020
Golden Joystick Breakthrough Award 2020

y8 Com Among Us will surely add to the user base of Among Us, and it will reach the masses and be winning more such awards.

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