Xnewbull com Reviews {May 2021} Is This A Scam Site?

Xnewbull com Reviews 2021

Xnewbull com Reviews {May 2021} Is This A Scam Site? >> Are you curious to know about a website that offer various household accessories along with accessories? Then, read to find out.

Do you have a desire to get a mystery box for your loved one? If, yes then you have to no longer wait for it. As Xnewbull.com is here where you can order mystery boxes for your loved ones and surprise them with the gifts inside them, you can also purchase various accessories and electronics items from this site.

People of the United States show a lot of Inquisitiveness to know about Xnewbull com Reviews alongside the website’s authenticity.

Read to know more about this website.

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What is Xnewbull.com?

Xnewbull.com is a website that deals with various items and offers varieties of items to its customers. For example, you can purchase a mystery box as a gift item to surprise you with the goodies inside. For getting the mystery box, you can browse and choose the box you want, and you have all the rights to choose the goodies you want to gift; after choosing, complete the payment method, and then you are done with ordering.

So, please find out more about Xnewbull com Reviews, but before that, let’s check the various categories of products that the website contains.

The website is offering the following items:-

  • Small Accessories,
  • Electronic items,
  • Home and garden items and many more.

What are the specifications of Xnewbull.com?

  • The Website link is https://www.Xnewbull.com.
  • The website registration date is 06/02/2021.
  • No shipping fee is mentioned on the website.
  • Shipping time is also lacking; only shipping location is stated.
  • Packages can be returned 14 days after receiving the item.
  • Refunds will be issued to the original payment mode after you have returned the item, but no refund time/days are mentioned.
  •   Xnewbull com Reviews are mentioned on the official website.
  •  No physical address is provided, and contact details are lacking.
  •  Available payment methods are PayPal and credit/debit cards. If you have any payment-related issues with PayPal, then tap here.

What are the pros of Xnewbull.com?

  • The website has got a proper HTTPS connection.
  • The prices of the products are low.
  • The website has mentioned about return/refund policy.
  • Payment methods are provided on the website. In addition, offers and deals are provided on the website.
  •   Xnewbull com Reviews /customer reviews are mentioned on the website.

What are the cons of Xnewbull.com?

  • The website is too young and is registered three months ago from now.
  • The email id provided mccarterchaneluj22@gamil.com does not match with the domain name.
  • There is no contact any/physical address provided in the contact us section.
  •  The shipping information is lacking; no shipping fee/time is mentioned.
  •  Time is not mentioned in the refund section; hence the information is missing.

Is Xnewbull.com Legit?

  • Domain name creation: This website has been created on 06/02/2021. Hence, this website is too young to judge and untrustworthy.
  •  Xnewbull com Reviews – customer reviews could not gather customer reviews through reliable, trustworthy websites like neither trust pilot nor reviews could be found on any social media platforms.
  •  Trust rank: The trust rank provided by the scam detector.com website is 5.8 out of 100, which is too low and poor.
  •  Social media presence– the website has got poor social media presence, and its Facebook official page has very few followers, and no Instagram account could be trace yet.
  •  Quality and content: The quality and content of the website are too short and unsatisfactory.

Xnewbull com Reviews

 Well, we did intense research on various search engines along with the social media platforms to accumulate the customer reviews on Xnewbull.com. But, still, no reviews could be found on any of the social media platforms.

We are lucky enough to gather a review from a customer who comments on the scam detector website that if he knew that it was not a reliable site before, he would never order from this site.

We have gathered this review through the scam detector article based on the legitimacy of the Xnewbull.com website. Moreover, if you have been scammed with a credit/debit card, click this link.

Final Verdict

In the final statement based on the Xnewbull com Reviews, it will be appropriate to say that this website looks too young, suspicious, and untrustworthy, mainly based on the reviews and trust score. 

Therefore, I will suggest my viewers wait for genuine customer reviews to purchase from this website. For getting a better idea about the siteclick the link and watch the video.

Have you purchased any products from this website? Then, do comment down below. 

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