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Write for Us Politics

The article helps the guest post contributors to submit their Write for Us Politics articles to the Cinejoia team with neatly designed guidelines.

Were you the individual who always had genuine opinions and views on every political decision our global leaders took? Some topics will never lose their allure, not even over the next thousand years. That is the political topic. Because it’s important to know about that, thus our Cinejoia team has come up with Write for Us Politics topics. We are inviting guest post writers to take part in this unique opportunity to exhibit their in-built knowledge and skills.

About our platform Cinejoia. tv

Cinejoia.tv is a website known for its audience-friendly core principles, as we are a platform that stands for the truth and genuine facts without any biased perspectives. Thus, our content, like Politics + Write for Us articles, is enriched with highly valuable information, so we are blessed to gather more readers worldwide.

Cinejoia team has different topics covered under this niche and they are, 

  • Money Tips
  • Shopping updates and tips
  • Reviewing the websites and the latest products 
  • Business
  • News and Politics
  • Health care
  • Technology updates and Inventions 

Write for Us Politics writer’s Essential Qualification

Politics is a topic that has to be addressed in a careful manner. Because it heavily depends on the work of the global executives, if one group of people benefits from some laws and decisions, then it leads to serious disagreements with the other side of the group. Thus, the “Write for Us” +Politics guest post contributors should present the articles without triggering any particular group of people or compromising the truth behind the political scenes.

  • Political science graduates can share their vast knowledge with our readers regarding the basic political groups in the world.
  • Experience in the field of politics and some knowledge of writing basic online informational content is required. 

Write for Us + Politics articles Reference topics

Since we have chosen political topics, it may be difficult for the writers to arrive at a single topic because politics is an ocean that keeps growing. So, we have shared some sample topics for their use. But authors should not share the propaganda for any political party. Everything has pros and cons, so “Write for Us” + “Politics” guest post authors should choose accordingly.

  • What are the levels of politics, like macro, micro, and meso?
  • Different political approaches in the world
  • The powerful political decisions that saved any particular country
  • The most accepted political values
  • Geopolitical tactics of the superpower countries
  • A chronological journey through various world politics
  • Difference between ancient and modern politics

Politics Write for Us articles Documentation rules

  • The article has to be supported by facts and information, not by any false information. So please refer to the authentic source and present the article. But references are different from copying other people’s work.
  • The Grammarly score should be higher than 99 percent. This Grammarly application helps us to rectify our committed grammar, vocabulary errors and quantifier errors.
  • No Write for Us + Politics plagiarised articles will be taken into consideration. They will be rejected straightaway. So, the guest post author should focus on their own knowledge to write for our platform.
  • The guest post writers can include the necessary images and illustrations to convey the article interestingly.
  • The font style should be used professionally. Subheadings have to be highlighted in H2 tags.

SEO rules to be followed for “Write for Us” + Politics articles 

  • The guest post author is requested not to add any internal or external links before completing 70 percent of the article.
  • High-SEO score keywords have to be used in the articles. But the writers should not overuse it.
  • There are two types of keywords: primary and secondary. And use the primary keys more in numbers.

Available Advantages for Politics + “Write for Us” writers 

  • We have the best professionals, so they can help guest post writers with questions about how to write articles or about editing rules. We assure you that the guest post writers will learn something new from our platform.
  • The Cinejoia website has more readers, and we have more monthly impressions so the guest post articles will get a huge response from our readers.

How to reach our platform for submitting Politics “Write for Us” articles?

To reach our Cinejoia team, interested persons should send their completed works to the following Email Address [ infocinejoia@gmail.com]. This is the editorial team’s contact information, so in case of any needy suggestions and clarifications, the guest post writers can also use this mail ID.


We are here to help the Write for Us Politics writers so that they can reach our facility without fail in case of any difficulties. We would like to emphasize this rule again, “Kindly don’t send the plagiarised articles”. And we also expect the Politics guest post article writers to acknowledge our website’s rules before submitting their work to us.

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