Write for Us Environment: Feel Responsible To Spread Awareness About Environment!

Write for Us Environment

The article explains the editing rules that must be followed by the Write for Us Environment guest post writer when submitting their work to the Cinejoia team.

Are you the type of person who is always striving and raising your voice to save our environment? Do you want to keep them clean and save the environment for our future generations too? Then you are the right person to enlighten our readers, and we appreciate your thought process on environmental issues. Thus, we request the Write for Us Environment guest post authors to provide our readers with value-added environmental articles.

An Introduction to Cinejoia.tv

Cinejoia.tv is a content-creation website that focuses on addressing issues and problems that exist in our world.

Everyone needs to equip themselves with enriched knowledge, but there may not be enough information on the internet. Thus, our Cinejoia team understood the problem and started releasing articles like Environment + Write for Us articles.

We have been addressing every issue so that it will be more helpful for the learning process of our readers and will be easily accessible for global readers.

Our reader-friendly topics are,

  • Website Reviews
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  • Money Tips
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  • Shopping Tips
  • Latest Technological Advancements and their Updates          
  • Current News
  • Business-Related Information

Write for Us Environment articles: Desirable Qualifications 

For thousands and thousands of years, we have been polluting our environment, and now it’s time to revive it back to the pre-industrial period level, but it will take many more years and billions of dollars. Still, it is our responsibility to do our part. 

Thus, while presenting the articles, the “Write for Us” +Environment guest post contributors should share their content in such a manner that all our readers understand the basics of the environment and how it is deteriorating, along with the sense of indulging them in saving the environment.

Educational Qualification: Environmental studies graduates, environmentalists, or people with extensive knowledge of the environment are preferred.

Skillsets: Proficiency in the English language is paramount.

Write for Us + Environment Article Sample Topics

Our Cinejoia team would like to provide some sample topics for our writers. These are only suggestions; the authors may use this topic or create their own, but it must be an interesting and current topic.

    • Ways to revive and save the environment
    • Steps to create a sustainable environment
  • Guest post contributors in “Write for Us” + “Environment” articles can also raise awareness about the current state of the environment through interesting stories or in a conversational manner.
  • International conventions and reports’ findings
  • Basics and foundational terms in environmental science
  • The unhealthy behaviors to be avoided to create a healthy environment
  • Different types of environments and their core functions

Environment Write for Us Articles Formatting Rules and Guidelines

  • The article’s word length must be between 750 and 1500.  To optimize the content, guest post writers can also use the snippets.
  • We expect a simple level of English without any grammatical or spelling errors.
  • If any writers use the Grammarly application, ensure to submit the Write for Us Environment articles with a Grammarly score of 98 or higher.
  • The document’s plagiarism score should be an absolute and mandatory zero. Please don’t use any copied content in the article. We will not process those respective articles.
  • The presentation of the articles can be enhanced by using proper subheadings, titles, illustrations, and charts.

SEO Guidelines for “Write for Us” + Environment articles 

  • The guest post contributors can also use the search engines to learn about the SEO score of each keyword.
  • The spam value may reduce the Google search rankings. Thus, the guest post writers have to set the value at 5 to 7 percent.
  • The internal and external links must be related to the topic, and don’t use illicit website links in the article.

Environment + “Write for Us” author’s Benefits 

  • The guest post contributors can generate their backlinks, which helps to get more Google ranking and impressions.
  • Our platform gives the proper credit to the writers of guest posts.
  • Our platform is the home of thousands of readers, so the articles posted on our website will naturally attract more readers and multiply further.

How to submit Environment “Write for Us” articles?

The completed articles should be submitted to this Email address[infocinejoia@gmail.com].

This email address belongs to our editorial team so that the guest post author can use the email mentioned above for doubts and queries. They will clarify that as early as possible. Don’t forget to include a biography with your submission. 


Thus, we have mentioned all our concerns and requirements to the Write for Us Environment guest post writers. And we hope that every person who is willing to submit their articles will strictly adhere to the guidelines without fail. Thank you for persevering through this Environment guest post article. We appreciate your valuable time and your interest in our platform.

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