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Write for Us Culture: Find The Guest Post & Read About Culture!

The article neatly lists out the required guidelines and rules to be followed while presenting the Write for Us Culture articles to the Cinejoia website.

Are you the person who has more knowledge in the field of culture? Do you want to debunk myths associated with various cultures around the world? Then you have come to the right platform. Our Cinejoia website reflects the truth and our traditions to our people, so we have opted to publish “ Write for Us Culture “articles for our readers. So, we invite talented guest post writers for our platform to take part in our journey.

About our platform Cinejoia.tv

Cinejoia.tv is a content publishing website that excels in its services by providing excellent and genuine information to its readers. We share the most trusted information for all people, irrespective of their topographies, gender, and class, via many articles, such as Culture + Write for Us. In this way, we have secured thousands of valuable readers.

And our exceptional content focuses on the following niches:

  • Website Reviews and verification of its Legitimacy
  • Product Reviews
  • Shopping Tips
  • Gaming Tips
  • Latest News Updates 
  • Technology Updates and Innovations
  • Money Tips

Qualifications and Abilities needed for Write for Us Culture authors 

As we have chosen the cultural topics, we have framed certain skill sets for people interested in sharing their content with us. However, as culture has evolved over thousands of years, many don’t know the facts and information behind each culture. So, the reason for picking this “Write for Us” +Culture topic, is that, as the years have rolled by, each set of people has started to re-design the culture independently. But we have the responsibility to show our ancestors’ real cultures. 

Educational background: Cultural Anthropologists and their associated graduates, professionals, and doctorates can take part in this opportunity.

Skill Sets and Experience: Freshers can also make their attempt with their proficiency in the English language.

Write for Us + Culture articles: Topic Suggestions

Every article should have a blend of both static and dynamic parts. So, we have suggested some topics to address in that way. We hope it will be useful for the writers to choose the topics per our readers’ and platform’s needs. But we also encourage the guest post writers to pick other “Write for Us” + “Culture” related topics besides the ones listed here.

  • Elements of the global cultures
  • Extinct cultures around the world and the reason for their downfall
  • Present-day usage of the culture in different regions
  • Addressing the different aspects of culture.
  • Suggestion to rectify some cultural taboos present in the world
  • Anthropological studies and their findings regarding the culture
  • Why some cultures are gender biased, and their reasons

Culture Write for Us articles Guidelines and the Formatting Rules to be followed

  • The level of English language to be used is medium. Avoid writing more complex sentences.
  • The articles should not be written provocatively. Please address the topic from a neutral point of view. And the writers should not criticize any respective class, gender, race, or religion of people.
  • Write for Us+ Culture guest post writers should avoid using passive voice sentences in more than 10% of their articles.
  • The authors should not submit anyone else’s work as their own. So, everyone should submit their work without any form of plagiarism.
  • The word limit has to be between 500 and 1500. Do not exceed the word limits.
  • The authors can utilize any English-correcting tool, but Grammarly is highly recommended one.

“Write for Us” + Culture articles SEO guidelines

  • It is strongly advised to use high-SEO score keywords optimally. So, the writers should use it appropriately.
  • The primary and secondary keyword densities have to be maintained. Use more primary keywords than secondary ones. 
  • It is a mandate to include the required internal and external links. Every guest post author should include the links at the end of the article.

Benefits for the Culture + “Write for Us “authors

  • Our platform values also depend highly on enriching the futures of the writers too.
  • Our platform has a large number of readers from different topographies. So, the impression rates per article will be comparatively higher.
  • We have a friendly editorial team, and everyone will try to assist the guest post writers if they encounter any problems.

How to submit the Culture “Write for Us” article?

The articles should be sent to this Email Address [infocinejoia@gmail.com]. Our editorial team accepts every submission, and they will try to respond within 36 hours. Authors are also allowed to make multiple submissions.


Our website has the most simple and transparent selection procedure. Only hard work and honesty are tolerated in our team so Write for Us Culture guest post writers can confidently make their genuine attempts. And because our platform is responsible for protecting the writers’ articles, we request the writers not submit them anywhere else. All the best, and we are looking forward to seeing your golden Culture topic works.

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